The Itch

I have a story to tell you. . .it’s from “Gently Lead” . . . a great little book for children . . . exposing them to God

Itchy  (could be called cancer)

Child:  I have this itch on my knee.  It’s bothering me.  I can’t get to sleep with all this itching.

Parent:  Well, it’s time for prayers now.  Maybe if you can stop thinking about it you won’t notice it.  Try thinking about something else.

Child:  But I can’t stop thinking about it.  It itches!  How can you think of something else if you itch?

Parent:  Well, you just can’t have your mind on two things at the same time.  Try this.  I’m going to say something, and you try to think about your itch.  Don’t think about what I’m saying.

Child:  (giggling)  This is gonna be fun

Parent:  Ninety-two.  Ninety-two.  Ninety-two.  Ninety-two.  Ninety-two.  Okay, what were you thinking about?

Child:  Ninety two!  I couldn’t help it.  But now I’m itching again.  I can’t keep thinking ninety-two all night.

Parent:  Okay.  Now suppose you try to think of God.  If you could do that there would be no more itching.

Child:  That’s hard.  I don’t know how.

Parent:  Well, let’s try this.  How many ways can you see God in a snowflake?  Is God white and cold?

Child:  No.  I get it!  I already know God is spiritual.  That means you can’t see it or feel it.  God is pure.  Right?

Parent:  Yes

Child:  (interested)  And peace?  And beauty?  And every snowflake is different.  Right?

Parent:  Yes, uniqueness is a spiritual quality.  Very good.

Child:  The itch is gone!  I can even think about it, but it isn’t there.

Parent:  Wonderful.  And the best part is that now you know how to put your mind on God.  How many ways can you see God in a butterfly?  In a sunrise?  In a hummingbird?  Think about it and tell me in the morning.  Okay?

The “advise” here is to stop thinking about the cancer.  Start thinking about the Presence of God. . .in everything and everywhere.  Because of the Christmas Story we know that we are human with God’s spirit.  Recognize the God Spirit within you and ignore the Human side for this time in your life. . .the human side gets cancer. . .the spirit side heals cancer – just acknowlege that fact.  Dwell on your spiritual side – you will be healed and (humanly) will never be the same!

I send you my love and wish that I could give you a great big Human Hug this morning!  Your Human Father is on his way to California.  Reassure him that you’re going to be ok. . .because you are! 

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