The Weirdest Sense of Relief: The Treatment Plan

Tyler on Red Rocket after 100mi ride

The waiting in the last week has been torturous. Maddening. Actually, I won’t even try to type those emotions out, because there are no words. And that is just from my point of view, to even try to imagine how Tyler has felt in the last few days is beyond my simple human brain. So when the treatment plan was briefly outlined by Tyler’s doctor last night, and I felt like jumping for joy after, and Tyler was stunned and pokerfaced, I will never know how or if our emotions ever intersected.

For those that were not in the room, here is my side of the story:

Tyler’s oncologist is a lymphoma specialist, and according to the cancer wing charge nurse, THE BEST. Period. His aura is a bit like, ‘Hi, I’m Dr. Curtin, I’m a doctor, and I could also play one on TV’. He is confident without arrogance, he answered all of our questions, he presented the facts and his opinions. He is open to Leigh’s integrative suggestions. I like him, and I like him a lot for a doctor. (Sidenote – I have a gift in life, I am not ashamed to say, but I can ‘feel’ people. I can feel energy, I can feel craziness, I can feel honesty. I can feel character. The majority of the staff and doctors at this hospital have left great impressions).

Dr. Curtin’s monologue went something like this, 6-8 months of the strongest chemo they’ve got. A cocktail of alternating medicines that are going to attack this disease from all angles. Cocktail A for 5-6 days in the hospital, followed by 3 weeks of out patient clinic treatments and follow-ups. Cocktail B in the same fashion. Repeat for a total of 8 cocktail administrations. TREATING TO CURE. This is not sissy boy chemo, nasty side effects are common. Infection, sores, nausea, weakness, to name a few. He will have to avoid public places, not come into contact with anyone with a slight illness. He is advised to not continue working. He is advised to exercise as much as possible. TREATING TO CURE. Like Marlene said, he will be entering his monastery. After chemo, target radiation to shrink the remainder of ‘Massi’, then 1.5 years of maintenance out-patient chemo once a week. TREATING TO CURE. I asked the doctor if any of this will change pending the arrival of Tyler’s bone marrow biopsy, do we need to think about transplantation, stem cell therapy? No, not yet, not ever, God willing. We can get this with Big Bang Hyper CVAD chemo. TREATING TO CURE. Hell Yeah.

I found out later in the evening that Tyler will initially need to stay in the hospital for one month to have his first round of chemo monitored. Tyler gets restless, Tyler is an athlete, Tyler needs fresh air. This stressed me out. I pondered the options. None. TREATING TO CURE. We can do this. Tyler will rest, Tyler will meditate, Tyler will design and contrive and develop new hobbies. Tyler is a badass. We all know that. Tyler is a competitor. I’ve seen Tyler go from ex-pickup basketball addict to a rocket on a road bike. Tyler is a fighter. Tyler doesn’t play to lose. Tyler has the best team lineup that cancer will ever have to deal with.

Tyler is my love, and although I will never know what he is feeling right now, he will know that we are all with him. Alongside him in this journey, this battle, this war. TREATING TO CURE.

7 thoughts on “The Weirdest Sense of Relief: The Treatment Plan

  1. Good morning Tyler and all who love him from The Hassler Herd in Nebraska! We are onboard the teamtyler and will do everyting possilbe on our end to add to the positivie outcome of the cure. We love you Tyler!I

  2. Tyler “The Beast” Wagner! TREATING TO CURE…What a GREAT message! The Perkins family are ALL in! Let’s beat this Thing! The Perks – Jay and family, Guy and family, Trudy, Jeff & Grandma Rosie

  3. Time to talk to God; Time to listen to God. Eat, Pray, Meditate. . .hmmm – title of a new book, perhaps? Treating to Cure. . .a great Mantra. Go Tyler. . .a simple Cheer. Love cures. . .a fact. Sending our love from Nebraska.

  4. Tyler – We are with you every moment, every minute of every day and night. We know that the treatments will beat you up, but we also know that you will win this fight!!! We have no doubts! You are part of our family and we love you so much! Tasha – Thanks for the updates and thanks for being by Tyler’s side at this time of need. – The Railsbacks

  5. Tyler has been part of our “mixed media” family for several years now, AKA the “other half” of my niece (Tash). When I refer to “mixed media” — it’s almost a geography class. We’ve got Polish, Filipino, Persian, American, Native American, Irish AND English bulldog, Pomeranian, Pug, Brussells Griffon, Jack Russell Terrier and Shihzu heritage. There isn’t an occasion (and believe me, we have many) that we don’t see Tash and Tyler, side by side. They’re the “T&T” team and part of a larger extended family team. Tyler is family. No other way to put it. And when you are part of our “clan” — there’s a whole lotta love and if there’s anything we can do, we will. Tyler is not only well liked, but loved by us all. If Tash shows up by herself to an engagement the first question asked is “Where’s Tyler”? It is important for us to let Tash know we are here for her, which means we are here for Tyler. Keep positive, keep strong. We are here for you T&T and love you both. AMEH MONICA & BRAD & WINSTON & HAMID & REZA & KEHAU & HARLEY-D & MOOSHAK

  6. Hi Tyler and all who love you, It is a dreary rainy day here in NE Nebraska and I am watching my birds outside the window and thinking of you. My candle is burning sending you love and healing energy. Tell your mom I have TWO female Cardinals now , and one male that I know of. No eagle sightings. 🙂 Love, Connie

  7. If you are into bird watching at all the Decorah Eagle Cam is great to watch. The pair is preparing their nest for their next egg laying venture. I told your mom once that if she ever gets an eagle in her backyard I wouldn’t speak to her again! I think I am pretty safe on that one! Sending my healing thoughts, Connie and many animals

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