Treatment Update: Day 2

The Champion with Dr. Michel (oncology/hematology)

Day 1 is done. Yay! Lot of love and concern for how Tyler is doing after his first round. I can happily report that he took it like a champ. As this is now going to be the start of chemo build-up in his system, we will still have to wait for possible side effects to show face. Tyler is still under a quarantine of sorts, so visitation is to be determined.

For those that are interested, we were informed today that the cancer has been detected in bone marrow but not in his spinal fluid. As mentioned in the treatment plan, I think the doctors were expecting this, as this type of lymphoma is common in bone marrow.

“This does not change treatment plan or prognosis” – Dr. Curtin

Keep the support coming. On to Day 2!

9 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 2

  1. Sending many, many good thoughts. Know you don’t know me but your brother Calvin does, He gave this site so I just wanted to post my good thoughts–sending support from Nebraska. Brenda Tyndall

    • Thank you Brenda. I’m glad you were able to pull up this website. If you would do me a favor and let Calvin and Ernie check the website periodically for updates if they want to know what is happening with Tyler that would be most helpful. It is so difficult to call everyone and provide timely updates…not enough hours in the day. Thanks again. –Marlene

      • Marlene, I also work with Calvin , we’re just checkings posts again!! Lots of prayers to you and yours!!!!

  2. Tyler, so good to see a great smile on your face despite your past week and day one of treatment. You are amazingly strong and I am so proud of how you are handling this! YOU WILL BEAT THIS! We love you!

  3. I am so glad to get current information about you here – this is such a gift. You look great – it soothes the “story teller” inside of me and allows me to see for myself. . . your humor, your demeanor, your Tylerness. Yeah for Day 1. . .the process has begun. We send you loving, healing thoughts from Nebraska.

  4. Hey Ty, Love your T-shirt? Love your socks! Love your smile and Dr. Michel’s not bad looking either! There’s a whole lotta love going on and I’m throwing it your way! Hope to see you soon,
    The Lovely “Ameh” Monica šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  5. Tyler –

    Chris just informed me today and I just spent some time catching up on the blog. You TOTALLY got this man! I’ll second the notions of your confidence and positivity being your best weapons against this, along with the love of your family and friends and compentent doctors of course! Everyone at OO is sending along our best wishes and love and support! We will be here for you and will be thinking of you everyday. Stay strong- if anyone can beat this- you can!

    Best –

    Gavin Daly

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