Team CHIP for Team Tyler!



I had a nice visit with some of my friends and co-workers from CHIP today ( They wanted me to know that they love me me and are fighting alongside me. I missed the company holiday party last night, but they were kind enough to drink a toast in my honor, make the killer get-well banner, and completely spoiled me with an amazon Kindle for christmas. THANKS TEAM CHIP!

3 thoughts on “Team CHIP for Team Tyler!

  1. “TW, you were truly missed by all at our CHIP holiday party last night. We all agreed to have an extra glass of wine in your honor…I am proud to say I fulfilled my obligationJ You are one of the most positive and happy people I have ever met, and we miss your smiling face at the office every day.” –KG

    “I know you think you missed this party, but I’m pretty sure you were there!” –ES

    “Tyler, we have lots of vinyl earmarked for you at home. I know you love your music. So put your thinking cap on and let us know if there is anything special we can pull. We only have a few 1000 to pick from. Missing you in the DJ Booth!” Tracey

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