Treatment Update: Day 7

Hello Team,
Since there is notice of a lull in updates, I thought I would take a second to let you all know that Tyler is now temporarily at home. He will receive all his treatments for December in the outpatient Moores Cancer Center, starting today. I think I can speak for Tyler, Marlene, and myself, when I say fatigue had definitely set in. The hospital life does not allow for much sleep. That is the plus in being released to go home for now, a chance at rest. The negative is that Tyler’s cell counts are expected to drop significantly in the next few days. He will have to take his temperature frequently and go back to the hospital if it rises. The chemo is also compounding Tyler’s fatigue. I imagine even if he is able to sleep, he is not getting relief right now as those cancer (and good) cells are dying out and draining him. His immune system is now at the bottom, so germs are to be avoided at all costs for the next week or so.

1 thought on “Treatment Update: Day 7

  1. Dear Tash & Ty,
    Please know you are in our thoughts always! I’m a little under the weather so it is best I stay clear until I am absolutely at my best. It was good to hear Tyler is home and an out-patient and that he was able to go outdoors in the fresh air and walk with friends. Ty, try to get some rest — we know how it was getting prodded twice a day/daily at the hospital and rehab and it wasn’t fun, especially when you were in a deep sleep. Sleep well…..Love AMEH Monica & Brad

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