Day 36 Update

Tyler is still hanging tough in room 366 of the Thorton Hospital at UCSD. Kristin, the current nurse, summed it up best saying, “You’re the mystery man right now.” The medical team can’t exactly figure out where the infection is coming from, and we’re still waiting for some blood results to return. Tyler continues with spiking fevers, unidentified infection(s), and an upset gut.

In order to calm down his digestive tract, they put him on nutrition administered into his veins. The IV nutrition will allow his digestive tract to settle down, and eventually we will slowly and steadily introduce normal foods. He’s been on the IV nutrition for about 32 hours now, and we’re hoping that it will calm down soon.

Since he did have another fever, they did a CT scan to determine any other potential causes for infection or see anything significant that may have changed.

The doctor rounded yesterday, and we were able to bring to light some of his nutritional deficiencies and imbalances: low vitamin D, low vitamin A (retinol), and high copper (which, in my clinic, we often see in people fighting cancer). The doctor was open to supplementation, as we emphasized that this is a critical period for Tyler to swing his internal environment to inhibit cancer progression. I have a food/nutrition post coming here in the next few days… so I can expand on that later.

Ty remains strong and determined. Thanks for all the love and support.

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One year ago, I created this name/blog (GoodKarme) due to the firm nudging of my brother and his amazing partner, Tasha. Since its creation, I haven't added anything to it. My intent is to provide recipes, nutritional science information, and other ramblings... For now, I'll just post recipes to Ty's blog (GoTeamTyler), and then when I get my blog up-and-running, I'll just link recipes to it. Let me try to explain the name and the purpose... Karme: goddess of the harvest GoodKarme: A commitment to the earth through honoring the land that provides our nourishment and contributes to our being. By respecting and replenishing the land we reap what we sew... GoodKarme. I have come to accept the fact that I was born to be a nutritionist: my father lives with an apron hanging from his neck, my mother lives in the garden, my uncle John authored the 'Wagner Family Cookbook', I played every sport under the sun (and cared about what I fueled my body with), I have a soft spot for The Nature :), and my most recent interest is fueled by my brother's recent diagnosis with non-hodgkins lymphoma... thus, I have a commitment to help him heal with food. I'm Leigh. I am an Integrative Nutritionist and registered dietitian at the University of Kansas Medical Center - KU Integrative Medicine. I have become an avid Kansas Citian, and I continue to be in awe of this gem of a city. Please enjoy this assortment of recipes, links, information... Please forgive me, I love emoticons. :)

9 thoughts on “Day 36 Update

  1. Thank you for the update Leigh. I have been wondering how Tyler is and I left a message on your mom’s cell, and I know she isn’t always able to talk. I love you all and will go light a candle and send more healing prayers your way as soon as I sign off. All of the Hasslerherd has been given Tyler wristbands. 🙂 Connie

  2. Tyler,
    Word travels in Lincoln (albeit, sometimes slowly) and we just learned of your condition a couple days ago. We wanted you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. It sounds like you are getting the best of care, both from the medical professionals and those who love you. After reading through your Team Tyler website, we are so impressed by your spirit and determination. Hang in there, Tyler and know that we send our very best to you.
    Lloya and Don Fritz

  3. Thanks for today’s update Leigh. I know how difficult it is for Tyler, but also know it is difficult for you, his sister and your parents. Know that we are here for you as well and send you our support and energy so that you can keep strong for Tyler. Positivity is part of the sum of all parts and we are all a part of Team Tyler. Let Tyler know the Pack sucked today and we sooooooooooo missed his presence at the Moshirian home. To next year —- Hugs, Monica & Brad

  4. Tyler…just visualize every person who loves and cares about you is in a circle around you right now. We can’t touch you, but we are there. You can feel our energy supporting you, supplementing the energy that medicine has taken away for the moment. We are there. We are strong. We care. We are sharing our energy with you right now. Believe.

  5. Tyler, This is Justin Kubick’s mom — from the days of Beattie Elementary and the Freewheeler’s soccer team. Sending best wishes and good energy your way from Lincoln. It sounds like you are in great hands and please know that lots of people here are thinking of you and your family with faith and love. Cindy Lange-Kubick

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