Brotherly Love

Me and Hisoy posing with the banner, which was signed and delivered by my all boys from Sig Ep, Mo Alpha.

Greetings to the whole Team Tyler crew!  I’m happy to share that I’m writing from the comfort of my own couch, and that round 2B is officially in the books.

So far so good.  Liver enzymes are a bit elevated, which is to be expected, but they’re not at a level to be overly concerned.  We’ll watch them closely, along with my blood count over the next few weeks. I’m feeling really good, and am happy to be home.  Nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

A couple of weeks ago a strangely-shaped package arrived at my doorstep.  I opened it and unrolled a six-foot banner, covered from top to bottom in signatures and well wishes from some of the most generous, caring, kind-hearted friends a guy could ever ask for–the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Included in the package was a letter from my good friend Brian Donnelly (aka Donlee, aka Don Mega, aka Count Donnelly):

Shortly after digesting the news of your ailment, Brock, Tim and I started brainstorming on how we could put together an event in your honor so folks back here could show their support.  The event was held late last month (Jan. 28th) at a local bar (in St. Charles, MO) and the enclosed $3,700 check represents the proceeds from that wonderful day.

My brothers from other mothers, Brock (left) and DonnLee (right) along with my biological sister (the one with the big stogie).

I have enclosed a copy of the email invitation and a collage of pictures from the event, which honestly do not do the day justice.  Sig Eps from the pledge classes of 1999-2003, Leigh and her friends from KC, along with other friends and family were in attendance.

Special recognition to Jason and Tiffani Burris for donating signed memorabilia, Tom Becks for donating items on behalf of Major Brands (golf bag, Red-Bull fridge, assorted alcohol), Scott Rapplean donated St. Louis Blues tickets, Abbi Glosier donated a lottery basket.  All of the aforementioned items were raffled off with great success.  Rachel, Terra, Katie, and Christy helped with ticket sales, and my brother Patrick collected at the door.  Also, Tim and Tau could not be there, given logistics, but were very helpful in making this a great day.

The resounding theme of the day was that everyone was more than willing to help, and hat we all want nothing more than for our dear friend to get better.

With love from all of us,


My Dad as my witness, when I unwrapped this package and had a moment for everything to sink in, I was at a complete loss for words.  I sat and stared in disbelief at the banner, signatures, photos, and letter for the next hour.  Honestly, it still makes me pretty emotional just thinking about it.

To EVERYONE who came out to make this event possible, to all my Sig Ep boys, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  “If a brother should fall by the wayside…may it be a brother who comes to his aid.”  You embody the spirit of brotherly love, and I’m truly blessed to have friends like you.  THANK YOU!

Whaddaya say we do it again next year and I can be there (attempt) to properly thank you all in-person?

Love you guys,

7 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. It was a great day indeed. All involved did a great job.

    ps In the theme on nicknames for Donlee, I prefer DK Mode(in relation to the James Bond video game for Nintendo 64 where the characters had large domes) because Donlee has that large mellon with alot of space inside.

    All the best T wags.


  2. This performance is worth an Oscar! How wonderful. What a great brotherhood, family and friends you have Tyler. I salute you and your team and send you our love and support and best wishes. And the winner is YOU…Love M

  3. Tyler … What a great thing for your frat brothers to do! Hey – my KSU Wildcats have beaten up on your Tigers both meetings this year – what’s with that?!?? Gonna miss that rivalry when you head to the SEC. Glad 2B went well. Hugs … **Mary**

  4. Good evening Tyler. Just wanted to let you know that although we get busy and time passes, I wanted to let you know we think of you all the time. Not a day goes by that I set aside time to say a little prayer and hope that you are feeling better and your treatments are coming along well. I can’t imagine, but I wanted to let you know we are here for you, we send you our love and prayers and are with you all the way. We love you! Keep smiling that beautiful smile….stay strong. Monica & Brad

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