A Daddy Wags-approved update

I realize that there are other “Daddy Wags” out there reading, but I’m referring to my dad, Jimbo “Daddy Wags” Wagner. He prefers things short, sweet (this term being used loosely) and to-the-point…

I was reminded this week that silence on the GoTeamTyler blogosphere leaves one to wonder if Tyler is doing ok or not… often leading one to the “worst-case-scenario” if you don’t have direct contact with the Moshirians or the Wagners. Thus, I thought a concise, bulleted (Jim Wagner-style) update would be appropriate. (The comments in parens are added Leigh-esque touches… I can’t resist):

  • Tyler and Natasha rode 70 miles yesterday. (seriously?! yes, seriously. Tasha is getting ready for a century ride to raise money for Diabetes & Lymphoma research)
  • Ty is in between A and B cycles. (He’ll start his “B-sandwich” next week… he has 2 B’s and 1 A cycle yet to go).
  • Per Ty, Tuesday was one of the best days he’s felt since starting treatment (WooHoo!)
  • Ty and Tasha will spend Easter with Tasha’s family out in SD. (My parents and I are back in “The Good Life” (Nebraska) for the holiday).
  • Murt (my mother) will head out to SD for his next round on Monday.

My dad would think anything over 5 bullet points is overkill… 😉

Happy Easter, all! Lots of love,


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About GoodKarme

One year ago, I created this name/blog (GoodKarme) due to the firm nudging of my brother and his amazing partner, Tasha. Since its creation, I haven't added anything to it. My intent is to provide recipes, nutritional science information, and other ramblings... For now, I'll just post recipes to Ty's blog (GoTeamTyler), and then when I get my blog up-and-running, I'll just link recipes to it. Let me try to explain the name and the purpose... Karme: goddess of the harvest GoodKarme: A commitment to the earth through honoring the land that provides our nourishment and contributes to our being. By respecting and replenishing the land we reap what we sew... GoodKarme. I have come to accept the fact that I was born to be a nutritionist: my father lives with an apron hanging from his neck, my mother lives in the garden, my uncle John authored the 'Wagner Family Cookbook', I played every sport under the sun (and cared about what I fueled my body with), I have a soft spot for The Nature :), and my most recent interest is fueled by my brother's recent diagnosis with non-hodgkins lymphoma... thus, I have a commitment to help him heal with food. I'm Leigh. I am an Integrative Nutritionist and registered dietitian at the University of Kansas Medical Center - KU Integrative Medicine. I have become an avid Kansas Citian, and I continue to be in awe of this gem of a city. Please enjoy this assortment of recipes, links, information... Please forgive me, I love emoticons. :)

9 thoughts on “A Daddy Wags-approved update

  1. What a great report; 70 miles !!

    Happy Easter to the Wags.. We had Marie Coffey with us for dinner she’s going strong at 91.
    For Ty’s info, she’s one of grandma Wags friends.

    Cousin Alice in MCook

  2. You are inspirational Tyler!! If your Mom wants a cup of coffee sometime, tell her to give me abuzz. Dr. Ruth

  3. We never get tired of hearing good news Tyler…keep it up (all that you’re doing that results in good news!)….best…Carol & Mike

  4. Leigh….Thank you!!! I think I am speaking for many who silently follow teamtyler and hold our breath wondering how Tyler is doing between blogs. Tyler!! 70 miles….Lance would be proud. You are a true inspiration to those who are following you. I think you have found your way to battle this monster….great job! Many people you know and don’t know are pulling for you as you finish up the treatments. I have come to teamtyler via your sister….another amazing Wagner!!


  5. Thanks for the update … we’re all cheering for Team Tyler! Tyler & Tash – let me know when you’re up for a Padre game – we’ve got tickets for you!!

  6. Dear Leigh, Happy belated Easter and thank you for the bulletpoint update! It’s perfect and much much appreciated by all. Although I have close connections (as Natasha’s #1 Ameh (and she has many)!!!), there’s a “need to know” but you don’t want to constantly be asking and when GoTeamTyler is on radio silence, there’s an “anxious need to know, but are hesitant to ask” so you patiently wait for that next blog. We know (or at least we hope we know) we would hear any news/updates sooner than later. However, with that said, isn’t there a saying “No News is Good News” so that’s how I keep myself in tune and just patiently wait until hearing great news like Tyler and Tash rode 70 miles. Yea! That was my Easter delight. We were so grateful and blessed to have had Tyler spend Easter with us. We remain, Team Tyler – San Diego family.

  7. I can’t even tell you how glad we are to hear this news! 70 miles is awesome. Happy day. Keep it up! We miss you both.

  8. So proud of you and my Tashi..and, I’m so happy to see you looking good. I can’t even ride one whole block…ha ha, oops, I don’t even own a bicycle.

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