Treatment Update: Day 152

Ty had to go to the ER last night after coughing up blood and running a low grade fever. He had just received a blood transfusion and might have had a slight reaction to the blood. This, in combination with declining platelet levels may be the cause. He received platelets in the ER early this morning and was transferred to the cancer ward to receive more blood and undergo further testing to eliminate the sources of other complications. Let’s cross our fingers for a Very short hospital rendezvous

8 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 152

  1. So sorry to hear of this set back, may it only be a minor one. We keep sending our love and prayers to Tyler and to all who love him.

  2. Have faith…keep the faith…draw comfort and strength from your medical team, your family and friends. It’s a winning combination. Hugs from Carol & Mike

  3. Keep this love/hate visit to the hospital a short one. I even crossed my eyes and toes a sec just for extra good luck.

  4. Sorry Tyler, hoped you would catch a break to recharge…….I’m sure all of TT is sending you the best thoughts, prayers and the energy you need to get over this hurdle and out of the hospital again.


  5. Dang it Tyler! So sorry to hear this. Give your mom the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift today by rallying back quickly from this latest temporary set-back. xoxxo **Mary**

  6. Tyler I want you to know that Mick and I have you in our prayers every day. Mick rode his bike for you yesterday and our prayer candle that I lit Sat. night is still burning!!!! I think all of us who love you want to take this illness away from you and make everything better right now. I hope everyone’s love gives you what you need moment by moment to get this illness behind you. You can do it Tyler. Connie, Mick and many animals 🙂

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