Treatment Update: Day 161

After a great and long day of deliberation yesterday, the specialty team following Tyler’s case has come to one agreement: they are not confident they know the full story of his current state.

His situation is getting somewhat complex. Yes, he has bacterial pneumonia, that is showing up as ‘worse’ in his most recent ct scan. Yes, he has tested with in vitro resistance to the latest slew of antibiotics he has been taking. Yes, he did have several cavities in his lungs burst and show damage from his last hospital escapade. Yes, it is possible the fever is still the pneumonia healing. But. What if it’s not just that?

Its enough of a lingering question to make the team want to conduct another bronchoscopy this week. Following the nightmare of the first procedure, this was a tough decision. For those of you who don’t know, Tyler ‘woke up’ in the middle of the procedure, with a tube down his throat. This is the kind of thing they show on TV, patients able to feel procedures and unable to communicate. They increased sedation and wreaked havoc on his liver that was already in a compromised state. Due to his inflammation and movement, the bronchoscopy was deemed ‘unsuccessful’, they were not able to obtain a good sample. The result was traumatic to say the least. Therefore, a second bronchoscopy is a big decision. It became somewhat easy to consent to after hearing that an undiagnosed hidden fungal infection could be devastating. This time the attending pulmonary doctor will perform the procedure and he will be under full general anesthesia so they can get an ideal sample.

In the meantime, he is trying new antibiotics to calm the bacteria while he waits for the bronchoscopy on Thursday, possibly.

He is still in quarantine until the virus tests are revealed tomorrow. He can have visitors but they must fully gown up before entering his room.

12 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 161

  1. Oh Tyler,
    We are with you in thought and spirit all the time. The battles are tough but you are going to win the war!!!! We love you!

  2. Words seem to fail me as I search for the right ones to offer comfort and support. Just know that we send every ounce of positivity across the miles to San Diego. Stay strong. Support Tyler and each other..there is sunshine on the horizon. Carol & Mike

  3. Wags, can’t wait until you return to the homestead. Knock this virus out ASAP!!
    Upon your return I can cook some of my world famous rice and beans… I know you have been craving them non-stop in the hospital.
    Although the recipe will be modified slightly to adhere to your organic diet put forth by Leigh and your other team members, I’m sure they will still be as amazing as always!!! 🙂 haha
    But seriously, everyone has you in their thoughts and prayers.

    Love you bro

  4. Dear T&T — you don’t know how much we appreciate being updated and being part of Team Tyler. I know I’ve told you guys this time and time again, but I sure wish there was something I could do besides.pray, read, tweet, twitter, blog, sing a little Karaoke, and send good vibes your way — all day, every day… strong, positive and stay tough. We will beat this! After all, we are TEAM TYLER. Love, AMEH M

  5. Oh Ty, what a tough time you are facing. I wish I could do something to help. I know you are so strong though and will tough through it. Just keep a positive attitude, you’ve been so good about that. We are thinking of you and sending lots of prayers. WE LOVE YOU!
    Misha, Jesse and Rags

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