Let Freedom Ring (in Tyler’s ears)

Happy Summer Team Tyler. A little update on the state of this union.

  • Ty has been out of the hospital and walking the walk of healing every day. His latest CT scan has shown significant improvements in the pneumonia. The cavitation has shrunk to about half its original size and the active infection is showing only in small amounts. The doctors estimate that 4 more weeks on double duty antibiotics should do the trick…speaking of antibiotics…
  • The most recent IV antibiotic that Tyler has been carrying around 24/7 in a ‘Freedom Pump’ man-satchel has just shown signs of an adverse immune reaction (just like the last one he was on). It causes an immune response that suppresses bone marrow production, which then causes white blood cells to drop – potentially leading to fevers and a debilitated immune system (the cause of Ty’s last hospital stay). Not what you want when you are fighting an infection. Good thing Ty was on top of his cell counts and caught this reaction before he ended up in the hospital again.
  • Ty is still suffering from tinnitus from a reaction to 1 or more of the antibiotics he has been on. This side effect had the potential to cause permanent hearing loss, but docs think it was caught in time and should heal eventually.
  • A new IV antibiotic will start tomorrow, this one should not cause bone marrow suppression but is not ideal because it didn’t do as well in in-vitro sensitivity. Hopefully there isn’t much infection left and it will do the trick!
  • The GREAT news is that Tyler has been getting back to a pretty normal life routine. He can go on long hikes, gained 11 pounds, has lots of hair, itching to get back on the bike, enjoyed a great time with cousins from Sac-town, about to enjoy a great time with college buddies. Plus, its Tour de France time. Besides the major medical issues – can’t complain too much!

4th of July (not in the hospital- yesss!)


10 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring (in Tyler’s ears)

  1. Hi Tyler—great news and great picture!!!it’s easy to see that all of the prayers are working—tho’ a little too slowly. You keep on getting better and we will keep on praying, Best to your folks and to Nashi—we’re anxious to meet her. The Campbells ( the MM ones)

  2. Thanks for the new update. Check often to see how everything is going. Keeping you in our thoughts, wishing you healthy new days.

  3. Please leave the children at home. Tyler, do you now drive a windowless van with free ice cream written on the side? I only say this because I am jealous of your wicked BRO STASH! Love you Ty man! Perk

  4. Meaaah! Lookin good Pierre. The stache is epic. Careful, it WILL grow on you. Tash, you’ll have no say when that point reaches.

  5. Hi Tyler,
    Soo very happy to hear this GREAT news! We love you so very much and I can only imagine how wonderful “normal” life must feel like. I am currently in Stockholm Sweden and faithfully wearing my green Team Tyler band and thinking of you every day! Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Tyler….so glad to hear that you are doing well. You look great!! Continued prayers for your healing. The Shreves

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