The Dog Days of Summer

Hi all,

I hope this update finds everyone happy and healthy.  I’m doing well and just barely resisting the urge rip the PICC line out of my arm.  I had a chest X-ray on Monday, and am waiting to hear back from my doctor once she’s had a chance to review the results.  Hopefully it shows continued progress, and that the pneumonia is almost completely resolved.  More on that later, but first, a quick story that I just had to share…

I have been out on my bike for some easy spins in the last week or so, because I’m feeling good, and I’m so stir-crazy I can barely stand it.  Anyway, I’ve been riding Fiesta Island since it’s so flat and there is typically little traffic.  I headed out on Saturday for an easy spin, and completely forgot about Over the Line.  For those unfamiliar with this annual booze/boob fest, but it’s a San Diego tradition.  Check out this Youtube video and you’ll get the picture (it’s mostly safe for work).  Needless to say, it was absolutely packed, with cars parked around the entire circumference of the island.  Knowing it was a bad day to be riding there, I decided to do one lap and head home.

Imagine this coming at you full speed.

I’m just finishing my lap, and I’m on the back stretch with the wind at my back.  It’s basically the only part of the loop where the pedaling is effortless and you can really pick up speed without trying.  Suddenly, about 100 feet ahead of me, a pit bull pops out from between parked cars.  It takes me about a millisecond to realize that he’s not on a leash, he’s huge, and he’s sprinting directly towards me.

In the heat of the moment, I decide my options are to either slow/stop and potentially get eaten by this beast, or to maintain my speed and hope to just fly past him.  I decide to keep my speed, which was around 20mph, and continue on my line.  By now I’m about 15 feet from the dog, and he realizes I’m heading right at him.  He stops and turns to run in the opposite direction–the same direction I’m riding–only by now I’m moving way faster than him.  Before I know it, I run right into his backside, his legs buckling, and my bike rolling onto his butt and back.  I hit my brakes and am preparing to hit the deck when the dog, obviously frightened, bolts to the right and off the road.  Somehow, by some miraculous act of god, I didn’t go down.

Not sure which I hate more, these dogs, or their irresponsible owners.

I wish I had the whole thing on video, because I still don’t know how I didn’t go over my bars and slide on the pavement.  I was in shock, and I slowed enough to look around for a negligent dog owner  to yell at, but I didn’t see anyone.  The craziest thing is, I didn’t even realize until after the fact that I was holding my water bottle in my right hand the whole time. I’d like to say it was my flawless bike-handling skills that saved me, but I think it was more luck than skill.  Either way, it was truly unbelievable.  I wish I had a camera on my handlebars!

Anyway, I’m feeling really good and hoping to get off the antibiotics ASAP.  I go in for radiation simulation on Thursday, which is when they take measurements and make sure that they’re targeting the right spot.  I’m scheduled for four weeks of radiation, and expect to start fairly soon–like probably next week.  Four weeks of radiation along with maintenance chemo, which I think will go for the next 18 months or so.  I need to get some clarification on the maintenance regimen, but needless to say it will be less intensive than my previous chemo experience, and will be conducted out-patient.  Hopefully that means no more extended hospital stays, which would be nice.

Lots of love to you all,

P.S.  As of my latest labs my platelets are at, like, almost 90, so even if I would’ve hit the deck, it would’ve been no big deal. 😉

11 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. Ty, so good to hear you’re out and riding again…that is much needed for your mental health! I think my dad has had his fair share of biking/dog incidents as well, and they are no fun. Thanks so much for the update… keep your chin high and keep riding! Love you! Michelle and Jesse

  2. Ty – now i know why you moved. Nothing like that party back home. Enjoy your times out on the bike less the dogs. A little short of perfect, shorty.

  3. Yo Tyler, left you a long message, didnt realize you are back on the bike. Give me a call. 9805-280-2922 cell..


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