Stop the Presses: No Surgery!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey, it’s to expect the unexpected.  But I definitely did not expect the news we got this afternoon: Surgery has been cancelled (!!!).

Eleventh Hour

Saved at the 11th hour

I have to say, when my phone rang this afternoon, and I recognized the number as the pulmonologist, a lot of scenarios were racing through my head – but “surgery has been cancelled” was not one of them.

After reviewing my CT scan from this morning, my doctors (and there are quite a few of them at this point) were shocked by the dramatic improvement they are seeing. So much so, that the surgeon no longer feels that the procedure is necessary at this point.

For the time being, the medication and my immune system seem to have the infection under control.  I have an appointment scheduled with my primary oncologist on Thursday to discuss re-starting chemo. The saga continues…I am in shock.This whole time our mantra has been “keep going”, but a more fitting theme might be “what next?”.   I joked with my mom this afternoon that you can put “what next?” on my tombstone – just not anytime soon.  Life: What a roller coaster ride.

Will plan to keep everyone updated as next steps become clear.  Until then, THANK YOU for the emails, texts, cards, prayers, positive vibes, and whatever else might have been coming my way.

Lots of love,

23 thoughts on “Stop the Presses: No Surgery!

  1. This is incredible news, Tyler! I am so happy and relieved for you. Many of us have been praying for your healing and that you wouldn’t have to have surgery. What an amazing answer to prayer!

  2. Praise the Lord !!!! He is faithful and good !!! You and your family will continue to be lifted up to Him faithfully. Hug your mom for us! Pat & Linda McNair

  3. Best day before Mother’s Day ever — spent with Tyler and his mother Marlene, Natasha, Nadia and their mother, Sarah Jane and of course the wonderful Mr Mory Moshirian and the 3B’s (Bonaparte, Bernell & Bootsy), enjoyed a deliciously scrumptious table laid out with a fresh mango, strawberries, pineapple and kiwi fruit bowl, alongside the best blueberry pancakes ever!, authentic maple syrup, homemade kumquat jam (go Sarah Jane), baked bacon/sausages, (the 3B’s are licking their chops) beautiful omellettes (go Tyler), hash browns, “au we” – French bread & butter, Persian tea & coffee, yes caffeinated coffee. And for dessert a wonderful cream-cheesy filled Danish – bon appetit! Yes, we count our blessings……Ameh M

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