Team Tyler – get ready to unite!

I received this message today from my family in Milwaukee, I am super pumped on this idea and I hope you all are too:

Hi Tash,

Kathryn came up with a really great idea for Team Tyler. There are 600 lime green “TEAM TYLER” rubber wrist bands coming your way — in about 7 days. You can hand these out to  your family and friends to symbolize that we are all a united front under “TEAM TYLER”.  Lance Armstrong started this bracelet movement to increase awareness of the disease and solicit support. Lance beat it and so will Tyler. Please mail us a dozen so that we can also wear the bracelet and be on the team!

We’re thinking of you all!
Aunt Debby, Kathryn, Uncle Jim and Anthony

Stay tuned Team Tyler – bracelets are on the way! A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Aunt Debby, Kathryn, Uncle Jimbo and Anthony. Great idea guys, we love you!

13 thoughts on “Team Tyler – get ready to unite!

  1. Michelle and Jesse – fellow Gourmet kids would love some in Boise! (2013 S. Mayflower Way, Boise, ID 83709) What an AWESOME idea! We will wear ours proudly!

  2. Tanash-Just wanted to make sure you reserve some TEAMTYLER jewelry for our clan. I don’t have a budget for any diamonds or gold this year, so this fits in nicely and I will be humbly honored to wear so that I can tell the world what it represents! More power to TEAM TYLER and UNITED WE STAND….Ameh

      • Hi Team Tyler ! Steve ordered one and totally flaked in not ordering one for if you don’t mind one more for the Yungbluts in Dallas.. 9615 Brentgate, Dallas, TX 75238. Also, Steve’s sister, Nancy and husband Bob Failing would like to join in as well as Steve’s niece, Carol Crego.. 136 Eucalyptus Hill Circle, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Love this idea ! Sending hugs your way! Linda Yungblut Thank you !

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