Adding to the Anti-Cancer Arsenal: Thanks Team Tyler!

Greetings and Good Evening Team Tyler,

Today was a good day.  I continue to be humbled and amazed by the outpouring of love and support that I’m feeling from all of you.  I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful, positive, supportive people in my life.  It’s hard to find words to express my gratitude to you all.  THANK YOU.

Our arsenal in this fight is growing by the day.  I wanted to give you all an important update on the tools that we have at our disposal in this long and grueling race:

  • Soaps and ScentsThanks to Dr. Reza Rafie (and the whole Rafie family!), the official dentist of Team Tyler, (, I have a brand new Rotadent, which will prove especially useful, as I am supposed to brush my teeth four times daily to prevent potential infection.
  • Thanks to Megan Hill, the official moisturizer and aroma-therapist of Team Tyler ( for helping to keep the whole team clean and fresh with an awesome package of Zum soaps and scents.  All natural of course.Christmas Tree
  • Thanks to John & Joyce Wagner for helping to keep the Team Tyler Christmas Spirit in full-effect with a lovely little tree that is illuminating my living room as I type.  (That’s me doing my best “ho ho ho” with the tree)
  • StockingThanks to my brother Joe Shreve for a big ol’ stocking full of goodies, including a mega DVD of eight animated Christmas classics.
  • Thanks to Jason, Ann, Zeke, & Leo, my Sacramento Wagners, for a great CD on mindfulness and guided-meditation.  Sound mind, sound body.
  • Thanks to Connie & Mick Hassler for the prayer candles, which I burned while I practiced with my meditation CD last night.Candles CD
  • Thanks to Amou Majid and the Moshirian Family for the nutritional support.

And, finally, thanks to my brother Dan Bates for bringing home what was surely the catch-of-the-day from his company white-elephant gift exchange, winner of six Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, and Record of the Year…TOTO!  On vinyl!   We took it for a spin on my record-player tonight while Tash cooked up some delicious stuffed bell-peppers. It sounds just as good today as it did back in 1982!  Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Love you guys,

9 thoughts on “Adding to the Anti-Cancer Arsenal: Thanks Team Tyler!

  1. Our Ty,
    Some great info we would like to pass your way!. First off, our long time, good family friend and co-worker (Art) is the #1 TOTO fan in the world. I (Monica) have been to three TOTO concerts in the last 15 years and the reason I mention this is that I saw TOTO back in the 80’s. Wow, what a time warp. Our friend Art has one of TOTO’s album covers tatooed on his arm and, his daughters I believe know all the words of all TOTO songs ever produced. (Kinda something like my brother’s son, Anthony, who knows every Beatle song (both words and is now playing them on the piano) at the age of 11! Quite the fans. Well, enough of TOTO, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to read this Blog and will share it with them. Secondly and most importantly, the need to share this — Brad called his Aunt Jean (who was Bobbi’s twin) last night and confirmed (we weren’t sure so we never mentioned it to you) that his cousin Billy (age 48) was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma over 20 years ago. Aunt Jean said the chemo was very rough on Billy, but he is doing great, also an avid bike rider and exceptional skiier. She mentioned he is working with disabled war veterans and young adults in Denver.
    Well, I better get to work. I wanted to blast this blog this AM and just let you know “More Power to TOTO” — LOVIN IT! and share Brad’s cousin’s situation. It’s all good. We are so glad to be a part of this family, we remain TEAM TYLER.. Monica & Brad

  2. Finest gifts they bring, pah ra pah pum pum………you smiled at them……..pah ra pah pum pum….Well, I’m no Lady Gaga, but imagine I’m singing you a x-mas carol……….and hoping you like it! After all, SINGING & KARAOKE runs in the family. Merry Christmas eve of the eve of the eve of Christmas. I’m hoping to see you over the holiday……Warm hugs and love, Monica

  3. Dear Tyler….Just wanted to wish you a good evening, this eve of Christmas and let you know that we will all miss you dearly at our annual “white elephant” party at the Moshirian’s (Silva & Majid) this evening. But you will be in all our thoughts and prayers. I’m sure Tash will share with you how the evening goes. Hopefully we will be able to visit you this week with a few goodies. We love you kiddo — A. Monica and Brad…….

  4. Hey Tyler. Although we are kinda going through the motion and doing the usual things you do during the holiday, on a low key, it’s just not the same. We miss you and think of you all the time. Stay strong, rest plenty and hope to see you soon. Love Monica (& Brad)
    PS That’s a beautiful and touching picture of Jack.

  5. Hellalujah! Great news….you will beat this Ty. Stay positive, keep strong — we are here to support you. We remain, TEAM TYLER

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