TEAM TYLER Livestrong Bands are here!!!


Our lime-green TEAM TYLER Livestrong bands have arrived!  Thanks Uncle Jimmy, Debbie, Anthony, and Kathryn for you generous gift and for bringing our TEAM TYLER unity to new heights!

We’ve got A LOT of these things, and I know we’ve had some requests already.  If you’d like to request some bands, shoot us an email at and let us know the best place to send them.  Snail-mail, hand delivery, or carrier pigeon, whatever it takes, we’re gonna do our best to get these out to you guys ASAP.


10 thoughts on “TEAM TYLER Livestrong Bands are here!!!

  1. Jim and/or Marlene…drop a few off to the Jess’ for Team Tyler/Nebraska Division when you’re in the neighborhood. Hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Tyler— wanted you to know that the eye-catching lime green “Team Tyler” bands have been seen in Dallas, Santa Barbara, CA, Austin, and Houston just to name a few places that our family members, sporting your bracelets, have been. The students at Lake Highlands High School ( I sub here often) noticed my bracelet and asked for the details; now they always ask how you are doing! So glad this round has been less brutal! Hugs from Dallas 🙂

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