14 thoughts on “A message for my Ty

  1. Thanks for sharing Tasha, you brought tears to my eyes. Although I have never met you, your love for Tyler is evident through this video and through how Tyler’s family speaks of you. I continue to send all of you my love and support every day to keep up the good fight.

  2. I read all your messages and this one was very impressive. Your special friend appears to beautiful, inside and out.

    I hope you don’t mind me being intrusive. I pray for you several time and also for my son-in-law who has pancreatic cancer. Love you all. Shirley

  3. All I can say is WOW. I need a box of kleenex. This is the best movie I’ve seen bar-none EVER…I send my love to Tash and Tyler. Always, AMEH M

  4. Dear Tash (and Tyler)–TALKING OF COINCIDENCES…..Saturday night Brad & I are at Dale’s mother’s house, waiting for Julie to show up for her surprise 50th bd pty. Sitting next to me is a friend of Julie’s, Charlotte. We introduce ourselves and start chatting. It’s one of those odd famly situations – her ex is Julie’s ex — they shared each other’s childrens (step-brothers, step-sisters). Anyhooooo, the two ex-wives remained friends. Charlotte asks me about my “Team Tyler” bracelet. Now her story. Her son, Tyler, age 28, graduate of UCSD, doing his residency as an ER doctor in Syracuse NY, healthy, happy, loving life, had severe abdominal pain…..diagnosed with colon cancer, spread to his liver. Now back in San Diego…Is an outpatient at Moore Cancer Ctr. What the frack!!! There’s not much more I can add. If our Tyler hears of her Tyler Pardee coming in for chemo — and happens to be there at the same time, they should try to connect. AMEH

  5. Love this!! So glad Tyler has great people like you loving and supporting him. What a blessing. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Team Tyler!

  6. Tash, that was so beautiful. I will show it to Ant and Deb tonight. Hang in there Ty and Tash…I only wish we were closer so we could show our care more often. We are here for you guys though always…..Love and Kisses and Faith…….Love , Amou Jimmy (Team Tyler from Packer Nation ! )

    ps- still waiting for our T-Ty bracelets…….

      • Thx Tash….I have to find out how to do this….adding pics and videos to your blog…(I’m comptr….challenged (old school).) Cause Ant wants to make a video for you guys tooo…..amou J

  7. Thanks for sharing this very inspirational vodeo Natasha. Me and my family’s best wishes and prayers are always with you Natasha and Tyler.

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