Treatment Update: Day 32

Hello Team,

This post comes from UCSD ER, where Tyler is being admitted back into the hospital for neutropenic fever, so far hitting 103 degrees. Basically, his immune system is at zero, and something, we don’t know what yet, has triggered an infection in his body. He has just submitted all his labs and will have full cultures done in the next few days. Until the results come back, he will be treated for general infection via IV antibiotics. If the lab results indicate a localized or specific infection, antibiotics will be adjusted to target. In the meantime, he will have to have a stay-cation in the cancer ward for the next few days until his white cell counts boost his immune system and the fever clears. Kind of stinks, but it is necessary, and good that we know how his body is tolerating the chemo, so that dosages and cell support can be adjusted in the future. Plus, we were warned that this may be inevitable, with no immune system, this was a potential outcome.

Some better news is that Tyler’s liver enzyme levels are trending towards normal. Over the last week he has been experiencing abnormally high levels that were limiting the amount of medication and types of food and supplements his liver could safely process.

Some extra good news is that Leigh is here this week, so Tyler will have extra Team members in the cancer ward with him. Plus, he will get all the good nutrition to help him fight the best fight possible.

Please continue sending your healing thoughts, prayers, vibes, energy. The last few days have been really hard on Tyler’s body. He has literally been drained of his bad (and good) cells, and it is painful and tiring. We are trying to remember to think of the chemo as our ‘friend’, but it is hard when it is creating a violent fight against the cancer inside of him. A heck of a bloody war, but revolutions are not always pretty. Keep fighting Chemo, Tyler is using all his might to keep the battle grounds intact.

14 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 32

  1. T&T – I had a feeling and a need to call to talk on my way home from work today and voila’ — go online and now know why. Stay strong and keep positive. You will get better and continue with good results. As you indicated, it was in the cards. I’m glad to hear Leigh is in town, more family support, the better. Not a moment goes by that you are not in our thoughts. Sending our love and prayers, WE REMAIN, part of Team Tyler. Ameh and Brad

  2. Tyler and Natasha, We have been following your updates closely and we are sending the most loving and healing vibes your way. Due to lots of people around us having various colds, we haven’t been able to come visit yet. We visit you every day though, as we think about you both. Hang in there, stay strong, fight hard. As soon as we are germ-free we’d love to cheer you on in person. We’ve got your back!
    Love, Jean and Margaux

  3. T& T, Murt and Leigh,
    We love you all so much and are with you 24-7. Stay strong and remember that we are all sending our strenght, love prayer, good energy etc. Jim, this goes for you too, even though you are in Lincoln.
    Annika and Dick

  4. Sending prayers and wishes to you Tyler that you are feeling better soon. Stay strong! Team Tyler, this is where we step in and send even stronger vibes! Go Team Tyler!

    Michelle and Jesse

  5. Tyler–We are sending strong Nebraska thoughts your way every day–on the 45 mile an hour wind this week!!!

    Kim and Loy

  6. This is a tough time (or should I say “tougher” time) for Tyler and everyone who loves him. Trust your medical team and know that God is guiding them as you climb the Mt. Everest of treatment! Keep your eye on the prize…good health by summer! We rooting for you!

  7. Mr. T — it’s 9:30p on a cold Monday evening. Happy BD MLK. I had to work. What’s up with that??? Now, while Brad and Winston are snoring away, Brad in the bedroom and Winston on the couch, it’s my quiet (well kinda quiet) time to go online and anxiously connect with Team Tyler to see if there are any updates, while watching TV and right now I’m watching the Australian OPEN (GO RAFA and FEDERER — my two favorite tennis guys in the world). I am praying they’ve got your situation under control and the fever is down and you’re on the upside of things. Ty, we’re missing you alot these days. Christmas was not the same, New Year’s wasn’t the same, Sunday football isn’t the same, the occasional pizza birthday party isn’t the same — things just aren’t the same without you. You’ve been such a big part of our family. Please know that we truly miss you and love you and although we can’t really do anything, we want you to know that if there was something we could do, we would do it! Our daily prayers and thoughts and energy are being sent your way. We love you, Monica, Brad, Winston, Reza, Kehau, Hamid, Harley, Mooshak and all our friends and family……….:)

    • Thank you Curtis. Glad you have been able to keep updated on the website. (Thanks Donna)! Tyler was released from the hospital today, Jan. 20th! He is glad to be home. Weak and tired but at least the fever is gone and his gut is on the mend. Eating bland soft food for now but hopefully in a few more days he will be able to eat more and feel better. Take care. Love you, Marlene

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