Treatment Update: Day 41

Just a quick update tonight –
Ty was released from the hospital today, as his fever has subsided and his stomach is showing signs of repair. He will have a few days to finally get a good night’s sleep and recover a bit before he will be re-admitted next week to begin his 2A cycle of chemo. He is doing awesome, just really really tired and a sensitive tummy.


6 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 41

  1. AMEN….so glad to get home from a busy weekend. Found WInston snoring away on my side of the bed. Didn’t even wake up. I swear, if robbers break-in, they can help themselves cause our “protector” is slacking in his job. But we love him. Ty, best news…get some good rest — I know you are in good hands at home. Hopefully get your appetite back, slowly but surely. You will need all the strength for your next round of chemo. Keep strong and stay positive. We’re here for you and sending our love and energy your way. Rest well our dear Ty. Love B&M

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