Scratching the Itch

Long Chicken

You know you want me.

Just a quick update for everyone:

It’s been a good week.  Since my release from the hospital on Friday, I’ve felt progressively stronger each day.  My latest labs (drawn this morning) are looking good, as I’m within the normal range on the majority of key categories in my blood panel–red and white cell count, platelets, absolute neutrophils, etc.  My liver enzymes are elevated (likely as a result of the most recent round of treatment) but have been steadily trending downward.  I’m confident we’ll be back to normal by my next scheduled blood-draw on Monday. If that is indeed the case, and all of my other numbers continue to look good, I believe that we’ll get rolling on round 2A sometime in the middle of next week.

In the mean time, I’m enjoying some days of feeling good, eating well, and spending time with family.  My parents traded places this week, Mom headed back to Nebraska and Dad here to San Diego.  Murt gets a temporary break from my sass and sarcasm and Daddy Wags steps into the heat of the anti-cancer kitchen.  Leigh spent the week with me last week during the toughest stretch we’ve hit on this journey thus far.  It’s truly a full-time job cooking and caring for me, especially during my rough patches.  I couldn’t do it without my family, who I love beyond words, and to whom I can’t adequately express my gratitude.

One more quick thing that I just have to get off my chest. I mentioned in a recent post that I have been craving some junk food…true confessions time, and I know Leigh is gonna read this, so I’m just busted.  I snuck out on Sunday for an original chicken sandwich from Burger King!  When I was about ten years old (Leigh would’ve been eight) we used to make my Dad drive us through Burger King (or Amigos) after piano lessons.  I’d order a “long chicken sandwich” or chicken soft tacos every time.  For those wondering it was just as good as I remember.  No regrets!

Final note on the nutrition side.  It’s normal to lose weight during chemotherapy.  Treatment speeds up metabolism, which in my case is already pretty high to begin with.  During times when food tastes good, like this week, I’ve been working hard to take in a lot of healthy (minus my BK breakdown!) high quality calories.  I’m happy to share that I gained five pounds between Monday to today!  I’m working towards a goal of gaining at least five more pounds before my next weigh-in on Monday.  Gain ten pounds this week.  How’s that for a new year’s resolution?  Anyone working to move their weight in the opposite direction can feel free to live vicariously through me.

And, fair warning, I still haven’t satisfied my California Burrito craving, so if it comes down to Sunday night and I’m still short a few calories, it’s going down!


11 thoughts on “Scratching the Itch

  1. Ty
    It is so wonderful to hear you are feeling better, still fighting this like a champ and gaining some weight (lucky resolution!). Also, I am sure Leigh will let the BK splurge slip by, you have been doing phenomonaly in regards to diet and you deserve a little indulgence! Keep it up and can’t wait to hear more in your next post!


  2. After reading your post tonight, Tyler, all feels right in my world. I am so happy to hear the joy back in your “voice.” And I LOVE those BK chicken sandwiches, and I’m a vegetarian. Something about them…. BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask you this – Can I have your mom? She sent me the best note with my TT bracelet, and I’m thinking you should lend her out.

  3. Yahoo! I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one who gained 5 pounds this week! No seriously, so good to read your upbeat, positive post. Keep it up! Here’s to an easy, smooth, Round 2A!

  4. AHhhh!! Kristina and I keep joking that we’re going to have a nostalgic dinner with a BK long chicken sandwich… what’s inhibiting us, you may ask? a) obviously, the huge conflict of interest b) the fear that we’ll love it and want more (we should all fear the addictive nature of processed, greasy, juicy, deliciou…….mMMmmmm…) c) the lack of time to commit the days it will take to recover from the toxicity 😉 Thus, Kristina and I have decided to author a healthy, Michael Pollan-approved, version of this post.

    Ty, I’m so so sooo happy you’re doing better! (sigh…)

  5. Tyler,

    If you have any trouble finding a few pounds to gain, I have a few hanging around that I’d be happy to give you.

    Steve Yungblut

  6. 5 pounds….All I have to do is say we are going to the world famous Val’s buffet and I gain 5 pounds! How do you feel about that Leigh? Love ya Tyler…the Perkins family still loves you mucho grande!

  7. Oh Ty — what a wonderful good upswing update we got directly from you! You sound great — numbers are going in the right direction — keep it up. I love your jonesing for a BK chickwich. We all do it! You’re happy, I’m happy. Stay strong, stay positive. You will get through this. So glad to hear your family is with you — there is nothing like family! We love you, B&M

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