Get Well, FAST!

Jake's Racecar

Hoping for a speedy recovery

Greetings from the kitchen table, stocked with steel-cut oats, fresh fruit, a splash of coffee, and my ever-present companion, Jar of Peanut Butter.

Round 2A is in the rear view mirror (pause for applause)!

A quick update for everyone: I was hospitalized from Feb. 1st through 5th for what was our third round of inpatient chemo treatment, or the second round of the “A” cycle of my Hyper CVAD regimen.  Everything went as smoothly as we could have hoped and I made it home in time to catch the Superbowl from the comfort of my own couch.  God Bless America.  Monitoring my cell counts will be especially important over the next few days, but so far, so good.  No fevers, and no Dumb and Dumber re-enactments (knock on wood).

Get better fast

Words of encouragement from my friend Jake. Thanks buddy!

I was feeling well enough to jump on my bike for a quick ride on Sunday before the game, but have noticed a drop in energy over the past 24 hours.  I probably won’t get back out on the road again until my counts return to normal, but it’s gray outside and the rain is coming, so movies on the couch sounds alright for now.

My buddy Jake Harris, has been keeping me motivated with his original artwork throughout this process, so I thought I would share.  Solid advice from Jake, I’d say.

If all goes to plan, I’ll be back at it for round 2B on or around Feb. 22nd–but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.  Speedy recovery, one day at a time.

Lots of love,

9 thoughts on “Get Well, FAST!

  1. Tyler…such great news! These updates are priceless for us who care so much about you but don’t want to nag your parents to death for details! Congratulations on getting through this round with no problems…celebrate with an extra helping of steel cut oats! (Leigh would approve!)…

  2. Our dear Tyler, Best email received, among many. Always happy to hear directly from you!!! That’s a good thing. Hey, nothing wrong with peanut butter, I love the stuff. Tomorrow would have been my mother’s, let’s say, 88th birthday (although she was alleged to have been born in 1924–Filipino recordkeeping is not like here), so she could be younger or older — one will never know; but I do believe she would have loved you being a part of our extended family, most importantly, a part of Natasha’s life. And I just wanted you to know there are many people, including myself, whom are glad you are a part of their lives. We support you, think of you often, send our energy and our love, always….you are in our thoughts, hearts and prayers….. M

  3. We are Envisioning; “Healthy and strong Tyler back on the bike before the end of the month”. Stay Strong !
    Silva & Family

  4. Always great to get an update that is full of good news! Go Tyler! Hey – And I like Jake’s art work! That’s gotta put a smile on your face!

  5. Great to read that you are gaining, amazing!!. Bet one of grandma Lorene meals could have put on a pound or 2. She was a good cook! the whole family eat well.
    Bless the family caregivers and your medical staff.
    Your 2nd cousin Alice in McCook

  6. This is for you Mr. T ( since you like Persian poetry). Keep it up Boss

    عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم همان یک لحظه ی اول که اول ظلم را می دیدم از مخلوق بی وجدان جهان را با همه زیبایی و زشتی به روی یکدگر , ویرانه می کردم . عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم که در همسایه ی صدها گرسنه , چند بزمی گرم عیش و نوش می دیدمنخستین نعره ی مستانه را خاموش آندم بر لب پیمانه می کردم . عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم که می دیدم یکی عریان و لرزان , دیگری پوشیده از صد جامه ی رنگین زمین و آسمان را واژگون مستانه می کردم . عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم نه طاعت می پذیرفتم نه نه گوش از بهر استغفار این بیدادگرها تیز می کردم
    عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم برای خاطر تنها یکی مجنون صحرا گرد بی سامان هزاران لیلی نازآفرین را کو به کو آواره و دیوانه می کردم . عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم به گرد شمع سوزان دل عشاق سرگردان سراپای وجود بی وفا معشوق را , پروانه می کردم . عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم به عرش کبریایی با همه صبر خدایی تا که می دیدم عزیز نابجایی , ناز بر یک ناروا گردیده خواری می فروشد گردش این چرخ را وارونه بی صبرانه می کردم . عجب صبری خدا دارد ! اگر من جای او بودم که می دیدم مشوش عارف و عامی , زبرق فتنه ی این علم عالم سوز مردم کش به جز اندیشه عشق و وفا , معدوم هر فکری در این دنیای پر افسانه می کردم . عجب صبری خدا دارد ! چرا من جای او باشم همین بهتر که او خود جای خود بنشسته و تاب تماشای تمام زشتکاری های این مخلوق را دارد !وگرنه من به جای او چو بودم یک نفس کی عادلانه سازشی با جاهل و فرزانه می کردم عجب صبری خدا دارد ! عجب صبری خدا دارد !

    What a patience god has!
    If I were in his place….. From the first injustice stemming out of the man with no conscience, I would have taken the world with all its beauty and ugliness, turned it into a pile or rubble.

    What a patience god has!
    If I were in his place……Upon seeing one being naked and shivering, and the other fully clothed and in hundred bright colors, I would have turned the earth and the sky upside down with contempt.

    What a patience god has!
    If I were in his place…. For the sake of just one desert wondering Majnoon, I would drive a thousand lovely Leylas from mountain to mountain till they get lost and delirious.

    What a patience god has!
    If I were in his place…..Around burning candle of the lost lover’s hearts, I would turn the unfaithful beloved in to flame smitten moth.

    What a patience god has!
    But why would I be in his place….. He, who has the strength to endure the ugliness that is born out of his creation,.
    Otherwise, if I were in his place, not even for a second, would I deal righteously with ignorant and the learned.

    What a patience God has! What a patience God has

  7. Dear Tyler, Hope your week since last post has been going well. Brad gave me his cold and now I am sick. So communication via Team Tyler will be my only source of communication. I just wanted to say hi and see what you are up to until your next round. The weather has been kinda yucky for going outside. Seen any good movies lately? How’s your diet? Anyone slipping you a BK or MAC? Sounds like you are progressing in a good direction. Have you been biking indoors with your new equipment? Stay positive. You will beat this! Happy V-Day and talk to you soon. Love M&B

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