Treatment Update: Day 134

Hello Team Tyler.
Ty is now out of ICU and moved to the cancer ward to continue recovery. Fevers still coming and going, pneumonia still alive and kicking. Good news is blood pressure and oxygen are stabilized enough to get him out of ICU. He looks much better and got out to walk a lap around the ward last night.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.
Ty has one question for the Team: Why is no one laughing at the Shit Song???

10 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 134

  1. Tyler – sorry to read the B treatment has sucked.

    I had to go to a wedding this weekend so i missed Knox’s Bach party but it sounds like things went as well as could be hoped with your teamates leading the way. Some did not make it the entire night but no one was removed from society by the local police force.

    The wedding we went to was on Sea Island, GA a cool spot. The young men behaved a lot like you guys did at Bob’s wedding with little hold back and many stories to tell of times spent together. We look forward to another reunion time with all of you guys back in Lincoln. Reads like you have a special young lady in Nashi keep up the good work.

    Jack’s old friend Sam is winding down as Sam nears 13 in dog years we are seeing the end of Sam’s leaf chasing days in the Ridge. He’s been a great dog. We look forward to getting a new dog to say hell-o to Jack and Jim in the early morning light.

    All our love – shorty and barb

  2. Breat to hear he is feeling a little more normal! Keep fighting Ty, we LOVE YOU! And yes, Jesse and I enjoyed the song too πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the updates! We continue to marvel at your endurance and will and strength, you kids….BOTH of you! Prayers , prayers and much love from the Shreves

  4. The shit song made me smile & I thought good to see Tyler still has his dry (aka Jim;-) sense of humor πŸ™‚ keep up the good fight!

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