Treatment Update: Day 135


Tyler post CT chest scan (just got back from the moon)

Tyler had a chest CT last night, which unfortunately shows that the pneumonia is much worse than the doctors thought from xrays. He will have a bronchoscopy in the next hour to test the actual lung area. Ty also just had a minor surgery to remove the portacath (the little alien-looking thing under his skin) from his chest in case that is a source of infection. So far, they have detected a bacteria in his blood and a viral infection. He is on antibiotic and antiviral IV meds and is still waiting on some more virus results. He is still in ‘quarantine’, confined to his room, until a few more blood-tests come back.  There are so many immuno-supressed patients on the floor that they want to make sure Ty doesn’t spread infection that he doesn’t even know he has. Everyone–Doctors, nurses, Murt, and me must wear full protective gear when entering.

12 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 135

  1. Hey Tash – We will stay clear and please please please continue keeping us posted as you have been — it’s much appreciated with a “need to know” syndrome. We are “patiently” (no pun intended) awaiting any news you can share with us and are deeply concerned. I’m “0+”, if necessary and have donated gallons to the SDBB, but can be at Ty’s place in a minute. Let me know if there is anything, I repeat ANYTHING I can do!!! Prayers, Love, Support being sent your way. Give Tyler a hug. Love AMEH

  2. Tyler–We are all praying for you and the meds to kick this infection out of your body—Hang in there tuff, as you always do.

    The McGregor Clan.

  3. Hang in there Tyler. Keep the faith , and God will listen. Anthony is Alter- boying this coming week , and will say a special prayer for you. The Milwaukee gang is always praying for your speedy recovery. Amou Jimmy

  4. Stay strong and positive. Sendng love, prayers, thoughts your way! Going to bed now. Sleep tight and don’t let those darn bed bugs bite. m

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