Quick Update

Just wanted to keep everyone up to speed.
I’m still battling persistent, recurring fevers, which tells us that the infection hasn’t cleared yet. My breathing has been easier the past few days, and I’ve lost a lot of the fluid that I was retaining in my feet and ankles. We could really use some white cells to help fight, but unfortunately we haven’t seen any significant movement there yet–it can be a slow process.

Thanks for your continued love and support,

7 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Your own strength, that of your family and friends, God’s love and your amazing medical team will see you through this rough spot. Keep your eyes on the prize…a clean bill of health by fall. We’re praying for you…Carol & Mike

  2. Ty,
    Good to hear things are on the upswing, but keep that chin high through the tough spots. WE LOVE YOU!
    Misha and Jesse

    • april – YAAAAAY!! Oh, happy day they’re here!!!! And they are, of course, FABULOUS!Darling Heather and Jon: we are so icerndibly blessed to have had your collective talents, awesome laughs, and creative spirits with us on our wedding day to capture all the wild and crazy fun. Thank you thank you thank you.LOVE the teasers and cannot wait to see the rest! xoxo

  3. TYLER — You are our Warrior and as R.J. on AI would say, “IN IT TO WIN IT” — You will beat this battle, courageously and with all the power, strength, and technology there is, combined with the power of love, spirit and positive energy around you! Keep up the fight. Stay strong, WE ARE TEAM TYLER.

  4. I am continually amazed by your positive spirit & fight, Tyler, and am following & thinking of you & sending lots of positive thoughts & wishes your way! Take care – Chelle (from your Fieldstone Group)

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