The Waiting Game

Greetings to the whole Team Tyler Family,

Why beat around the bush? I’m just gonna come out and say it: I am feeling noticeably better today. My breathing has become easier, chest tightness seems to have decreased, and I’m actually coughing some of this nasty stuff out of my body! I’ve still got some pain around my right ribcage, and an acute pain on my side at the base of my ribs when I cough. My headaches seem to have calmed a bit, so that’s encouraging.

Okley showing his support for Team Tyler. Asked for comment he said "We're starting a four-legged revolution for Tyler." With dogs already joining the movement in Colorado, Nebraska, and New York, he just might be right.

My White Cell Count has improved from an undetectable level of <;0.1 to 0.1. Although it may not seem like much, this is great news. It means my body is slowly beginning to produce infection fighting cells.

So basically we're playing the waiting game–waiting for the combination of antibiotics, anti-virals and my own (weakened but recovering) immune system to knock these bugs out of my body.

Next goal is to stop the fever. While my "fever curves" have been improving my body temperature still hasn't normalized–again, something which we would expect to see as my white count grows. The "bad news" if any, is that I'm battling three significant bugs at the same time, and it's just probably not going to be something that turns around completely overnight. Patience, then, is the lesson of they day, I suppose.

Leigh arrives this afternoon for a long weekend, so I'm excited to see her. Will keep you updated as the healing continues! Thank you for your ongoing thoughts and prayers–they give me and my family so much strength.

Lots of love,

21 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. You have been in our daily thoughts and prayers. Great white count news! Hope the good news keeps coming! Sending you a big hug from our family here in CO.

  2. Tyler! So great to hear you are feeling on the up and up. Keep fighting, but keep that positive attitude too because that is the most important! Rags (our pup) has been cheering you on all along too, but we might have to get you a fan photo of him as well! Glad to hear the food police is on her way! Love you all!

  3. Tie a slip knot and then a knot at the end of the rope! The slip knot so you know your not at end of the rope . Thought just like bungy jumpin!

  4. Hi Tyler—Your news keeps sounding better and that’s great! Just to give you a further {fur} boost, oud dog Sugar is joining the 4-legged team. She’s a little obstreperous, but she means welland will do well. Keep getting better! Sally Campbell

  5. Glad to hear you are turning it around to the upside again! We think about you and pray for you every day to be well again. Mick, Connie and many animals

  6. Okay I will try again to leave a post . ignore the g! Thanks for the update Tyler and so glad to hear you are turning it around again to the upside. We think about you and pray for you every day. Mick and Connie and many animals

  7. If I had a dog, he’d support you too! Enjoy your sister’s visit … know she’ll be a great boost to your spirits. Hugs!

  8. I was anxious to get home from work today, log on to my PC and read a positive Day 138 update from Team Tyler and my prayers came through! So glad to hear from you Tyler.. Stay strong and positive and yes, patient. You will beat this! Sending lotsa hugs and prayers your way. M

  9. Bud and Guinness will join the fray–as long as Jack doesn’t bite anyone on the nose!! Dog love and people love–pretty powerful combination to help you fight!!

  10. I can volunteer Diego from Lincoln for the team. He is a 95-pound pit bull with the nicknames “Tootsie Roll” and “Pork Chop.” He belongs to my daughter Anna — Justin Kubick’s little sister — so technically he is my grand-dog. He looks bad ass so he will be great protection in the fight, plus he’s a pussycat at heart, so he can help in the love department, too. Hang tight, Tyler. Looks like you are surrounded by love and the best medical care. Lots of folks in Lincoln thinking of you.
    Cindy LK

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