Yellow (no) Fever

In true Team Tyler spirit, we have an unpredictable turn of events. Tyler is still at Thornton Hospital as an inpatient being treated with neutropenic pneumonia. His white blood cell count has been slowly creeping up and his fevers lessening. However, in a very strange twist, Tyler is yellow!

For the last 3 days, Ty has been very sleepy. Much like someone with narcolepsy, he would fall asleep while sitting up in a chair and immediately act like he was in a deep dream. He also stated that he felt like he was having conversations with people, who were not there when he would wake up. Two days ago we noticed the whites of his eyes were getting a yellow tinge. We figured it was the increase in medications and thought nothing of it. He had the bronchoscopy yesterday and underwent sedation, and today, he is still groggy and acting ‘funny’, think of the YouTube, ‘David After the Dentist’.  His skin is also extremely yellow. As the self-proclaimed ‘BananaMan’, we were starting to wonder what was going on. As a neutropenic patient in a fragile state, we were also getting very concerned.

Today Tyler’s blood tests revealed very elevated levels of bilirubin – a pigment that comes from the breakdown of red blood cells. Bilirubin gets processed in the liver, and an excess means the liver is having issues and cannot metabolize the bilirubin, therefore there is an excess of bilirubin accumulating in the blood. In other words, liver function is now in question.

As of today, Ty’s liver does not show abnormalities under ultrasound, so no stones or visible defects. We were informed that one of the preventative anti-fungal medications Tyler was on is processed through the liver and has the potential to be liver damaging.

This medication was recently doubled in dosage…

The side effects of this medication are: hallucinations, drowsiness, jaundice…

Tyler was immediately removed from this anti-fungal today. He is seriously BananaMan yellow, and his demeanor is still ‘funny’. We are all hoping they found the culprit in the anti-fungal medication, but we will have to wait and see. One day at a time.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and well-wishes.

13 thoughts on “Yellow (no) Fever

  1. Nearly everyone loves bananas…but in skin tone, not so much. Hope this blip is quickly resolved. Get going liver…do your job! Best from Carol & Mike.

  2. Hang in there Tyler, the body has an amazing ability to regenerate….especially the liver….


  3. Sorry for another “bump in the road”….know this has been a long road with many hurdles along the way…we are thinking of you all! Karen & Ron

  4. Ty….hang in there. You are so strong. Hopefully the change in meds is the solution. Prayers are on their way. WE LOVE YOU!!!
    misha aand jesse

  5. Yea, no Yellow Fever!! You just need good ole orange juice and Mory’s great dates & eggs!
    Last night at the usual “get together” everyone asked about you and send their love.

    P.S. Do does Bootsie, Bernell & naughty Bo


  6. I’m glad the liver is such a resilient organ. Not that we should celebrate hyperbilirubinemia, but bilirubin is a natural antioxidant. Some consider elevations to be a response against oxidative damage (which can be very high during times of infection). Interestingly, those with a genetic defect that causes higher-than-normal levels of circulating bilirubin exhibit some protection against cardiovascular disease I hope this intellectualization helps!

  7. To all, I had a very good day. I had breakfast at OHOP (not IHOP) with my favorite sister and two lovely nieces (Natasha and Nadia), and after splitting three huge breakfast dishes (oink oink), we headed over to Thornton. The best part ever was we, along with Tyler’s mom, Marlene, today referred to as “Tyler’s Harem,” were allowed and able to take Tyler, after two weeks, for his first outside wheel chair walk around the hospital block for all of 30 minutes, and where we all enjoyed the warmth of the beautiful day, the fresh air and most importantly, being with Tyler. Yes, that half-hour made my day! Ty, if you get a chance to checkout the moon this evening, it’s bigger and just as beautiful as the sun was today. Love you — M

  8. White blood cells on the rise with fevers lessening nice! I second the oj, dates and eggs remedy. Other popular IR Fixitalls
    Yogurt w honey
    Warm water with rock candy
    And onions 🙂

    Let’s get the liver kickin strong.

  9. The Chicago Contingent of Spaniacs (Erica and myself) are thinking about you! Keep updating us on how you are doing. You’re in our thoughts every day. Best wishes.

  10. Hello Tyler,
    We have never met, but I have been kept informed of your fight by my Mother-in- law, Shirley Habrock. Mom has done this because I’m fighting and living with terminal pancreatic cancer.

    I too experienced jaundice, but it was due to obstruction from a tumor in the head of the pancreas. My wife lovingly called me “banana head.”

    Tyler, from other’s comments it is quite clear that you have always been a fighter. Keep up the good fight. As part of my fight I even use “Achmed the failed bomber” (Jeff Dunham’s puppet) in mental imagery to kill cancer cells. I did have to convince him to use little, tiny bombs and he finally agreed, reluctantly. :- )

    Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.


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