Treatment Update: Day 147

After a very rough weekend, Tyler has woken up this morning to come out of his foggy state. This is a huge relief and I cannot help but feel like this is the start of the upswing. His white count is up, hasn’t had a fever in days, and bilirubin, after spiking again yesterday, has come down slightly today.
Tyler had an array of visitors this past weekend, from his SD ‘aunts’ and Persian family, to his roomie Bones and Tao. All were a great uplift and spark for healing.
This has been a very physically painful last two weeks for Ty and I hope he gets some relief from the constant discomfort. Pneumonia is still haunting him and he thinks the bronchoscope stirred up havoc in his chest. It is still difficult to breath and he is on and off oxygen as needed.
Thank you all for the positive energy. Let’s now focus on getting him out of the hospital!

Ty a few days ago in Team Tyler colors

8 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 147

  1. Love that gorgeous smile Tyler! Nice “team spirit” with the outfit (leave it to the pro shop-a-holics). Yep, I’m listening to Whitney’s “I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY” and am sooo looking forward to the day that we can dance…..ok, maybe not dance, but party!!! You’re looking good kiddo. Healthy hugs and wishes being sent your way….M

  2. Thanks Natasha for the update. What a relief!!! Tyler is going to get better and better from now onwards. My prayers and best wishes are always with you and Tyler.
    Best Regards,

  3. Keep fighting Tyler!!
    Thanks for the updates, glad to see things are improving, they will keep improving. Hugs to you all.

  4. Cheers Tyler glad to read things have improved. I’m over in the UK working on trucks for Sandhills nothing is the same I could use your help. All out thoughts and prayers – Lee and Barb

  5. Thoughts and prayers with Team Tyler. Great to hear the positive news. Rooting hard here in Missouri.

  6. T Wags,

    We all can use a good laugh every now and then and the a&& pennies video was classic. Gave me a good laugh and makes me wonder when I come across pennies every now and then. Who could have had them last? Where were they? Did I make someone upset enough to do that to me?

    Always checking the updates. Positive vibes your way, get well soon and you’ll be back on the bike in no time.


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