Treatment Update: Day 163

Ty had the bronchoscopy under general anesthesia today at 10:30 am. The procedure was deemed a success, as the pulmonologist was able to obtain 4 biopsy samples and a wash sample of the lung. However, the procedure caused a stir-up in the lungs, releasing bacteria and sending Ty into fever. This was to be expected, as the body responds to the sudden surge of bacteria, possibly into the bloodstream. Hopefully, as this stirred-up bacteria gets hit with antibiotic, the fever and rigors will subside. We will find out results of the bronchoscopy in a couple days.

12 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 163

  1. Goodness, what a time this has been for you, Tyler. You’re in our thoughts and prayers—hang in there, friend!
    Our VERY best wished,
    Ann and David Wood and family

  2. Dear Tash – We so appreciate your keeping us informed, thank you. We know this is a most difficult time in your life, for Tyler’s family and mostly, for Tyler. He has been to the badlands and back. We will, as I am sure all of Team Tyler, anxiously await to hear the results of the biopsy. We pray Tyler’s fever will subside. Tyler will recover and he will beat this. He is a strong and determined young man loved by many family and friends. We areTeam Tyler here to support all of you through this most difficult time. Give Ty a kiss and hug. Love AMEH M

  3. Thank you for all of the updates. They mean so much to everyone who cares about Tyler. Please tell him that I am pulling for him and thinking of him and that I have great faith in his strength.


  4. Hang in there Tyler and team Tyler. You are all in my prayers. Praying that the doctors get a handle on the bacteria in Tyler’s lungs so that the antibiotics (the right one’s) can kick in and Tyler can get back on his bike.

    Pastor Brent

    P.S. First Pres members and friends are praying with you and for you!

  5. Nashi and Tyler: We are all with you in thought and daily prayer. I know that God will give you both the strength you need to get through this. Glad that the bronchoscopy is over and they got good samples! Love from Bill and Linda, Abby, Charlie and Seth

  6. Tyler, I finished walking the Hadrians Wall Trail today. 85 miles in 8 days. I had never hiked more than 10 miles before in one day. Today I hiked 16. The last mile was the hardest and I prayed for you as I put one foot in front of the other to cross the finish line. You were my inspiration to keep walking. Best, Ingrid Kutsch

  7. Hey Tash, we are patiently awaiting results — patiently awaiting. And praying and sending our positive energy and love and good vibes to Tyler. We love you Ty – hang in there. Keep strong, keep positive. We are Team Tyler!

  8. Tyler, we wanted you to know our entire family has been keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and especially over the Memorial Day Weekend. We’re all sending tons of love and positive thoughts for your healing and recovery. Hang in there, we know you’re dealing with your life’s greatest challenge, but you are facing it with toughness, resilience and positivity! YOU CAN DO IT and we are here for you with the rest of your team!

    Go Tyler – Go Team Tyler!

    Love from The Schachts,
    Ryan, Jacque and Rowan in Davis, CA
    Eric at Fawn Lake Ranch
    Leslie, soon moving to Iowa City from Ames
    Walt and Carol in Lincoln

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