Treatment Update: Day 168

Results are in from the Bronchoscopy of last Thursday. Besides the pseudomonas bacteria that we already knew about, there is nothing else showing up from Tyler’s lungs.

Although the test results are good news, Ty is still in a rough spot. He said this is harder than he could have ever imagined. The pneumonia has left cavities in his lungs and he is so congested that he can barely sit up out of bed. He is on oxygen, either with a nasal canula or an over the mouth mask. Walking five feet to the bathroom is a big challenge. The docs think this case of pneumonia will take months, not weeks, to recover from.

Besides the challenges, Tyler is making steady improvements daily. The fevers are decreasing in temperature and frequency. Although they did not detect a fungus, he is on a general anti-fungal, which they are still deciding how long he should be taking without a known infection. Right now Ty’s focus is on trying to regain breathing strength so he can come off oxygen.

12 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 168

  1. Dont let the rough spot bring you down. I think the athlete in you will prove the docs wrong on this nasty bug.

  2. Hey Tyler, everyone following TT has gotten used to your amazing fourth quarter comebacks. We know its just a matter of time…very soon your body will again become stong enough to beat down that bacteria…sending prayers, thoughts and energy..


  3. Tyler … I agree with RayHow and KC Randy above – you’ll prove the docs wrong and bounce back from the p-monia in record time! Big ole hugs.

  4. Tyler keep up the good fight buddy one day at a time you’ll win this war. All our thoughts and prayers, Lee, Barb, Bob, Lindsey and Jenny

  5. Thank you for the update. . .as always. It allows us to be with all of you at the place where you are. It also allows our prayers to be specific and pinpointed. God speed!

  6. Thanks Natasha for the update. My best wishes and prayers are always with you and Tyler. Wishing from the bottom of my heart for Tyler’s speedy recovery.

  7. Tyler, we are waiting with so many barbecues lined up….we miss you so much and EVERYONE asks about you. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart……”


  8. We are all in this with you Tyler and we are here to beat this, nothing more, nothing less. We are determined, we are Team Tyler!!!

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