Good Legs

Ladies and Gentleman,

A quick update on Tyler’s status. I have great news and bad news. Great news is, Tyler beat the heck out of me on our bike ride this morning. Bad news is, Tyler beat the heck out of me on our bike ride this morning. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I openly admit I was hoping Ty’s treatments would give me the edge. Not so much. Ladies and gentleman the speed racer is back in business!
Radiation has one more week left. So far, slight fatigue and a tiny bit of skin redness. Nothing a little afternoon nap doesn’t take care of.

Happy labor day weekend everyone! Stay safe and happy
❤ Natasha

11 thoughts on “Good Legs

  1. Great news/bad news scared me for a minute until I read further. Sorry Natasha —I think it’s great news and more great news. Yea speed racer!!

  2. Us Wagners have always been known for our “Good Legs,” so this is no surprise to me. Great to hear you’re reaching the final stages of radiation and doing well, ‘T. Let’s get on the phone one of these days soon. Much love, cousin ‘A

  3. Good job Ty. You just gave Tash all the more reason to upgrade to those $10,000 GURU custom bikes. You may have beat her but she looks damn good riding 😉

  4. Fabulous news! And we hear that you will be in the Rose bowl to see the Huskers play. What a wonderful treat for you. We’ll cheer for the Husker AND YOU! Best to you, Sally Campbell (Jack and Sugar too_

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