Leigh Featured in Lincoln Journal Star

Leigh Featured in Lincoln Journal Star

Many of you have seen this, but some of you haven’t.  I’m proud of my sister and her work!



8 thoughts on “Leigh Featured in Lincoln Journal Star

  1. Tyler, it is such a relief to read the last couple of posts on your blog…moving forward…doing better. We are all thinking of you and watching this fight make you even more of a champ than you already were. Hang in, dude.


  2. I’m proud of Leigh, too! I was at her presentation. . .feeling like a proud relative. . .even had coffee with the rock star:) But, you. . .Tyler. . .YOU are the consummate human machine. You starred cancer eyeball to eyeball and chose life. That is amazing. . .actually AWE-some in the biblical sense. Now. . .remove the mud from your soul and fly like the fierce spirit warrior you are. Great things will follow. T

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