One small step

I just had a chat with an old friend from college days. It could have been a conversation from September 13, 2004, but it was today – 2012. It is like we took one small step in our goals, and one giant step in our lifetimes. Some dreams are not yet realized, but we are still working at them, and we still have hope. We came to the conclusion that goals have to interlace with life as it unravels, twists and turns and all. This lifetime is a marathon and we can only set milestones to get us through to the end.

A couple members of Team Tyler embarked on their own ‘marathons’ in the past weeks. Both chose to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, and both trained long and hard to reach personal goals in their feats.

Our Stunner of a Runner – Marjan!!!

My aunt Marjan completed her half marathon at Disneyland in killer time. We are very proud of her accomplishment, especially because I know bad knees run in the family. Marjan trained and ran like a champ (now I just need to work a little harder to convince her to get into cycling- haha!).

Lindsay the Triple Threat!!!





The newest green bracelet member of Team Tyler, our friend Lindsay, participated in the San Diego Tri Classic. Lindsay just started seriously cycling a few months ago, and we have had the pleasure of showing her a few San Diego roads. Lindsay hit her time goal on the minute and said it was due in part to her Team Tyler cheer squad.

Tyler hit a milestone last Monday. He completed his final session of radiation therapy and got to ring the Graduation Bell.

Tyler getting snapped in and lined up

Aside from finishing a major step in his treatment plan, this is also a momentous occasion because for exactly a week and three days more from today, Tyler will be free. No IV, no pills, no laser beams.

When Tyler and I would dream about getting him through the rough stages of chemo, we set the goal of taking a road trip. It was our light at the end of the tunnel as we were sitting in the cancer ward. As Tyler was hooked up to constant IVs, blood transfusions, pneumonia; very scary days, this was our light. So now that he has a break in his treatments, and his oncologist gave his blessing, we are off! Life happens, and we are weaving our goal in. This Saturday we will drive up the California coast- camping, biking, the works. A huge milestone for us, and we are beyond excited.

When we return in a week, Tyler will start chemo the next Monday. Until then, we have one free bird on our hands.

At the start of the Red Sea, Two winners watching a huge LOSS!

16 thoughts on “One small step

  1. Cool stuff – I hope your trip and all goes well.

    Hopefully the loss did not ruin your trip to the Rose bowl as bad as the big ten looks we might even be back Jan. 1. Cheers on your progress and all the neat stuff you guys are doing.

    Had fun reading about Leigh in the paper always new Leigh was a great name. Leigh and I both love food.

    Tyler – Chase Rome our Columbia, MO connection quit the team last night dosen’t look like we have great team chemistry yet.

    Always – Lee and Barb.

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  2. The thought of you being free as birds for the next week makes my heart sing! You two are awesome and we love you so much! Have a wonderful time and enjoy everything that you get to do together!

  3. Dear T&T, WOW, this is great news! All I can say is you both deserve a great getaway and driving up the California coast, hiking, bicycling, just spending time with each other, is definitely the way to go. Although I have donated over a gallon of blood in Tyler’s name (not sure he himself got it), there really wasn’t much I could do but just be here and give you love and support through this. With that said, I would like to donate a gas card (or cash, whichever you prefer) for your trip. Let’s coordinate. Brad and I are so happy with this great news – we love you both very much. Have a fantastic, safe time! Love AMEH & Brad

  4. So excited and happy for you guys that you FINALLY get to take this trip and check one of your goals off your bucketlist 🙂 How awesome for you both! Soak it all in and enjoy your time! Love you. Misha and Jesse

  5. Enjoy your time away together – well deserved! Congrats on reaching the last radiation treatment milestone, Tyler! And still here cheering (and praying) for Team Tyler every day in CO 🙂 Heidi (aka Hassle-her), Dan, Okely and Pouncer

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