A Special “Chemoversary” Announcement


Today marks the five-year anniversary of my last dose of chemotherapy — my “chemoversary”.

It’s a good time to reflect and give thanks.

I learned a lot on my journey. Now – five years later – I’m looking back on my experience, and documenting the strategies I used to cope with my diagnosis and treatment.

I’m detailing my reflections in a book, and companion planning tool, scheduled for publication in December 2019. (more info here)

The thesis of the book is that: Creating a simple plan can help cancer patients more effectively cope with, and recover from, a life-threatening diagnosis. 

While this rings true in my experience, I believe that the book, and the tool will be more effective if it includes a variety of voices, experiences, and perspectives.

I’m currently looking for cancer survivors, or current patients, willing to participate in a brief (30-60 minute) interview for potential inclusion in the book. I would greatly appreciate your introductions and referrals!

If you or someone you know might be interested, please get in touch by filling out the form here: https://www.brightn.co/carecanvas

Thank you!!

3 thoughts on “A Special “Chemoversary” Announcement

  1. Super stoked for you. I will connect you with some good people that I know to help w/ the insight and beta testing via email! :). Miss you guys. Lots of love! xo

  2. A major milestone achieved. With your strong will and the support of family and friends you defeated cancer. Now with the love of a wife and two children you have a cure more powerful than Chemotherapy. Rejoice, enjoy, and stay strong.

  3. Tyler,

    My couson’s son from MInnesota, an UNL grad, too, Anthony Roy just signed up. Bless you on your endeavors!!



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