Introducing CareCanvas

Hey Team!

It’s been nine months since my last update. Remember? The one in which I confidently announced the target publication date for a book project?

Well….the book is still a work in progress. But, the idea itself has evolved. Quite a bit actually.

Today, I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on:

Introducing CareCanvas: a simple tool for cancer patients, caregivers, or anyone facing illness or adversity, to take control of their care and recovery. 

Introducing CareCanvas

A CareCanvas is a place to document your needs, and to outline a plan to ensure those needs are met. It’s an action plan for control freaks, a cheat sheet for self-care, a training plan for cancer fighters — it may even serve as the basis for some functional art.

And, thanks to a small grant I secured in November of 2019, I’m excited to share that I’ve developed a web-based version of the CareCanvas; and we’re accepting “beta users” — which is just a fancy way of referring to the early group of users that will help us test and improve the CareCanvas digital experience.

Feedback and input from beta users is critical, as it will help to inform the development of the more robust versions of the tool we hope to build in the coming months.

Anyone interested can register as a beta user here.

This is an exciting milestone in my quest to transform CareCanvas — which began as a book project — into my full-time job; to help people overcome adversity by creating a simple action plan for coping and self-care.

I’ve actually taken to wearing my green Team Tyler bracelet again over the past few weeks to help motivate me to get this beta site launched. And, I guess it worked, because here we are!

I will always feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for the love and support that Team Tyler showed me throughout my cancer journey. CareCanvas is my attempt to pay it forward.

If you or someone you know would like more information on this project please get in touch with me directly via email at: Tyler @ or through the form here:

Lots of love,










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