Treatment Update: Day 132

Ty burning up in the ICU

Quick update on Tyler’s progress with round 3B. Once again, the B cycle has proved to work its bite with a somewhat surprise attack. A week ago today, Tyler was released from the hospital after his 3B delivery and spend the week in top form. He was feeling strong and healthy, and we thought this B round may prove to be a little less vicious. As a HUGE surprise, early Saturday morning Tyler got hit with rigors and a fever that landed him in the ER. Within a few hours, infection fluid accumulated in his lungs and he developed severe pneumonia. His blood oxygen and blood pressure have both been low, and he remains in intensive care. Fevers are coming and going and he seems to be in some pain. He is currently on broad spectrum antibiotics, but as blood results come back in the next few days these will become more specific. Doctors said after a ‘dicey’ evening, he took a turn for the better this morning, and are hoping to see positive trends in recovery. He has already received blood and platelet transfusions and will probably need more in the next few days. Ty is in pretty good spirits and in full fight mode.

A personal note:
I had my 100 mi charity bike ride yesterday, the one Tyler has been coaching me for. I didn’t know Tyler was in the hospital until I reached the finish line and saw two missing faces from the crowd. I knew something was wrong, but held back the tears so I could say thank you to my friends and family that were waiting. He had texted me along the entire route, cheering me on and ‘coaching’ the entire way. Little did I know he was in the emergency room and ICU the entire time. Couldn’t have done it without him, and he didn’t want to tell me his status to make sure I finished the ride. Not only did I finish, but I kicked the 100 miles’ butt, thanks in huge part to Ty and his contagious competitive spirit.

Tyler would like to say hello to everyone, and include a link to his ‘anthem on days he feels like shit’:

8 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 132

  1. Hang in there Tyler and fight!!! We all love you so much and are with you in SPIRIT. Please know that all of the Gormet Family thinks about you every day….many times during the day!! Kick Butt and prove how tough we know you are!!! Tash….congrats on the bike ride….next year you and Ty can do it on a tandem!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tyler … bummer! Sounds like you have your own 100 mile challenge going on with the 3B … but your fighting spirit will have you finishing it as strongly as Natasha did in her race. When the two of you do the ride next year, I’ll be one of the cheerleaders at the finish line! Go Team Tyler!

  3. Praying ! We haven’t met Tyler, but I carry you in my heart and mind constantly. You’ve inspired me with your courage and openness through this ife changing journey.
    Ingrid Kutsch (Tom’s mom)

  4. Tyler you are such a strong, amazing person. Keep fighting. My husband and I have been and will continue to pray for you.

  5. Tyler,
    We’ve never met, and I am only distantly acquainted with your Dad through the MassMutual agency, but I have been following your blog and adding my prayers for you. I was at the MassMutual banquet recently, and your dad spoke of your struggle, and the love and pride he felt for you was so apparent. It was so good to see Leigh there to support him as your Mom was in SD supporting you. The faith that you and your family exhibit are a HUGE testament to God’s love. Just want you to know that you are touching lives that you may never be aware of.

  6. Our Ty….What a rollercoaster of a ride this is for you. Especially since seeing you at Easter (boy was that a treat) and now this. Keep strong, keep up the fight, keep positive. We are all in it with you and think of you all the time. You are in our prayers and thoughts always!!! Know that. We missed you at the finish line, but knew you were there in spirit, cheering and coachingTasha on from your sideline, the hospital bed. I’m glad your Mom is here with you; family support at any time is the best. We, your extended family, love and miss you, Monica & Brad

  7. Tyler…life is full of ups and downs…and you are going through one of the worst of the downs. “Up” is just around the corner. Hang in there. We are thinking of you and praying that the “up” gets there quickly….best…Carol & Mike

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