Treatment Update: Day 141

Angels in the outfield?
Although Tyler has made huge strides in how he is feeling, I will be the first to admit that the last few days haven’t been any less scary than the few before them. In fact, things got pretty heavy when we realized that Ty has been over a week with fever and no resignation of the bacteria infesting his body.
I will spare the Team of the dramatic details, long story short…
We found out tonight that Tyler’s infection/cause of pneumonia is resistant to the specific antibiotic he was receiving. The pneumonia has now spread into both lungs and the bacteria is prevalent in the blood. Bad news.

Good news: thanks to a new crew of specialists on Team Tyler we have a quick change in antibiotics, much stronger and more targeted to the strain specific to Ty’s illness. They are confident that this is what he needs to make a full recovery. He will also undergo a bronchoscopy to make sure they are not missing additional invaders.
Good news: Tyler is otherwise kicking hard, we’ve got a slight bump in white cell count and a day spent with minimal fever. He’s discovered a new respect for ‘rest’, and how important sleep is to rebuild his systems.
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes, I think we got some extra help this week…

12 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Day 141

  1. Thank you for the update Tasha. We will keep the prayers heading Tyler’s way and to all who love him. Sounds like the doctors have found the ticket to kick this pneumonia in the ass! Connie and Mick and many animals 🙂

    • Hey my name is James, and I’m a huge fan of yours. I know it is a little too early to ask you this, but I was woneirdng if you can do a favor for 1 of your fans. Can you email me at for the info? Please, I would really appreciate it, Rod.

  2. Thank God for modern medicine, smart doctors and Tyler the Tiger–that’s a powerful combination! We are rooting for the whole team!

  3. Tash, thanks for the update. Sorry to hear things aren’t better yet. Hopefully this combo of meds and his determination will spring him back quickly. We continue to send the prayers. Love you all!
    Misha and Jesse

  4. Thanks for the update Tash. I have good feelings about the change in antibiotic. Let’s stay well rested and let it go to work. We love you guys

  5. Tyler and Natasha, We continue to hold you up in prayer. Thankfully the new antibiotic is kickin in! Prayers for you and your families. Much Love from all of the Shreves

  6. Dear T&T, Glad to hear better news. Praying for you, knowing it’s going to take a little longer now that they found an antibiotic that will exterminate those bugs. Also glad to hear your WBC count is up. Is it the hospital food or Leigh’s special diet loaded with vitamins and protein that’s working? Get a lot of good, much needed rest. No hanky panky (Tasha’s pukinkin probably soar anyways)! Way to go Tash on your 100 mile ride….we love you both, AMEH

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