Home is where the lung healing is

Ty has been released from the hospital. He is no longer neutropenic, his fevers have stopped for the last few days, and he is left with pneumonia to fight. His antibiotic load is still quite intense and he will have a home nurse to help administer and be hooked up to an IV pump. Jim, aka Dad, aka Gentleman Jim will arrive tonight so Ty will have an additional nurse. Next round of chemo will probably be delayed a few weeks while he recovers from the pneumonia. The pneumonia is still quite painful, as Tyler has just recently acquired an immature immune system and he also has a pre-existing asthma. He will have to take it nice and easy, and really focus on nutrition, exercise, and healing the lungs. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Home is where the lung healing is

  1. Good to hear. He will be in good hands with lotsa love around. Especially home cooking, mom & dad, sis, family, his girl Tash, friends and all of Team Tyler.

  2. Thanks you for the update. We will continue cheering all of you on. Tyler is definitely loved! 🙂

  3. good job tyler, we all know you can do this, thanx tasha joon for keeping us updated, love you guys,,,,

  4. Home is good. Bad bugs need to leave you alone so you can heal and climb the next mountain. Strong Nebraska karma is sent your way…Carol & Mike

  5. Tyler, I hate to see you go thru so much suffering. I pray for you every day. May God grant you health soon. Shirley

  6. Tyler ,
    You ever tried power blendinding making smoughies using color greens and all kinds of greens spinch.
    Got a tip saying helps your health¡

  7. TylerN ever heard of makimg green smoothies out of color greens and all other kinds of green stuff it helps aid what ales ya¡

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