Team in Training

         For as much as we are Team Tyler, I have started to realize in the last several weeks how we are part of a much larger team. As we meet and chat with fellow patients and families in the Blood and Marrow Transplant ward, it becomes evident that our stories often intersect, and we are all rooted in the same fight. I have learned that what we do know, we share, and it is often tremendous help in our personal battles. I have also learned, that as a unified Team against cancer, we really do not know that much. Even small strides in cancer therapy research are giant improvements in our understanding of this disease and treatment. That being said, several people have asked how they can help with Team Tyler, such as donations for our bracelets.  I would like to extend an opportunity for us to help with a bigger picture, the war on cancer.

      My aunt Marjan has joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s ‘Team in Training’ and is running a half-marathon in Tyler’s honor. She is collecting donations to: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Please see her pledge below and then follow the link to donate to this absolutely necessary cause. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot tell you how important continuing to strengthen the war against blood cancers is.

Dear friends and family,

My new apparition in life is to live by the words of Robert G. Allen “The future you see is the future you get” and I see a world of less suffering and pain and to get there we all must proceed one stride at a time.  As the pressures of everyday life mount on top of each other we let our earlier dreams and goals sail away further and further. I too watched my childhood dream of becoming a professional runner float to the distance in a society bound by rigid religious beliefs forbidding females from many innocent activities. After passing of some decades I discovered that I still can RUN around and live my earlier ambitions instead of living for sheer survival.  

To combine my new stance in life, hope for a cure, and to live my early day’s dream I have decided to participate in a cancer fundraising activity.   To help raise funds and awareness for leukemia and lymphoma that claim numerous lives every second I am contributing to “The Disneyland Half Marathon” by running 13.1 miles on September 2nd, 2012. Although it will be a challenge for me to complete this race, I will be especially motivated by the excitement of knowing it will benefit such a worthy cause. To participate, each runner has committed to raise a minimum of $2,200 for the event. I am asking friends and family to consider sponsoring me for this event. As many of you know, this is a personal cause for me as the lives of many of my loved ones have been reshaped by cancer. We are deserved to be reminded every day that our accumulated effort contributed toward saving lives. I dedicate everyone’s effort in the memory of Mina Arezoumanian and in honor of Mory Moshirian, Sarah Moshirian, Kamal Rafie, Arezou Moshirian, Tyler Wagner, Mina Mayssami, and Malak Pourmand.  For this great goal every dollar counts and every goal’s success is purely determined by a starting point.     For donation please my visit my website for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at 

Thank you

1 thought on “Team in Training

  1. Thank you Marjan! We so appreciate your honoring Tyler and all of your loved ones by training, running and raising money for this worthy cause. Tyler has been so blessed, as have we, to have been surrounded by the loving arms of Natasha and ALL of her family. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel. We wish you joy in your training and satisfaction in completing the race. Marlene

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