An Overdue Update

This post is late in coming.  I’m starting to feel like a broken record.  I’m back in the hospital, battling this pneumonia.  I sprung a fever late Monday afternoon and ended up back here for the too-many-ith time in the past few months.

The doctors expect that the fevers were likely a reaction to one of the antibiotics I had been taking.  When they discontinued the medication, the fevers went away.  Unfortunately, that means we have to cross one more antibiotic off the list of possible medications we can use.  Our list of effective drugs is shrinking, but we’ve still got a few good options on the table.  We’ve switched to a new antibiotic (one to which the pneumonia is still sensitive) and we are hoping that I won’t have a similar bad reaction this time.

The good news is that my symptoms are improving.  I’m feeling stronger (weight holding steady), walking longer (one hour plus for the past 3 days) and my most recent x-rays and CT scan show significant improvement.  I feel like if we can continue this antibiotic combination for a few more weeks, we will be a long way towards finally ridding my body of this bug.  So we’re thinking positive and praying that nothing weird (fevers, rashes, dropping white-cell counts, etc.) happens in the next few days. If all goes well, I’ll be heading home on Monday.

Lots of love,

19 thoughts on “An Overdue Update

  1. Wags, keep grinding man!

    I know it isn’t fun… but you are just doing what you gotta do. One step at a time.
    Good thing you are smarter, and stronger than what you are up against.

    Keep that chin up… See you soon brotha!


  2. Hey Tyler…thanks for the update. Sorry you keep getting caught in the battle between the doctors and the bacteria. Your body becoming stronger is the best way to beat those bacteria. Sending thoughts, prayers and energy…

  3. I woke up this morning wondering how you are doing…so, it’s wonderful to hear from you and to know that you are gaining strength. Good Nebraska karma is sent your way…

  4. Tyler! Someone needs to give that damn pneumonia the finger on my behalf…so make sure and do that for me. And tell the fevers where they can go. And while you’re at it, you can imagine what I have to say to your cancer…..

    thinking of you. You’re going to win this war.


  5. More good news than bad news in this update for sure. Thanks for the update and I was glad I got to talk to you on the phone last night. I had a great weekend with your mom and Jack. Keep your chin up. Connie and Mick

  6. Hey Ty – Great news on one end and hopefully we’ll hear better news on the other!!! It’s Monday so I’ll just wait patiently for your next update. The fact that you’re walking sounds wonderful. Keep strong and positive. We’re rooting for you on the homefront… M

  7. Hey cuz I am always thinking about you. There are brighter days to come! I hope to come visit you when you are feeling better. Love always Michelle

  8. Hang in there – I have seen many battle the battle you are wagging – and they have won. So will you. Give your folks a hug for me.

    Steve Sorensen

  9. Hey Ty, thinking of you while I’m watching Wimbledon although my guy Rafa’s out. Gotta go with Federer all the way. Hope you’re having a good day. Stay positive. Luv ya, M

  10. Hi Tyler, I know your dad from work and he let me know about your fight. I’ve been following your blog and want you to know that there is love and prayers coming to you from the Midwest, in Indiana. I admire your strength tremendously and how you manage to stay positive. Rachel

  11. Tyler, Tasha, we are in Estes, and we are missing your special Eggplant entree! Get well and join us when you kick the cancer. I can’t wait to have you back as our guests. Thinking of you. Jeff and Trudy

  12. HAPPY JULY 4th and boy was it ever! Especially spending it with my family, the Moshirian’s, including Tyler and his dad, Jim. We had a wonderful wonderful, peaceful, warm, beautiful patio late afternoon scrumptious meal and conversation with a few good bottles of red wine (and beer) and sooooo enjoyed our time with TYLER who is looking good (not a bad do and mustache). Oh how wonderful it was. Glory hellalujah…….yea!!! Monica & Brad (P.S. We missed everyone that couldn’t be there)

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