The Weirdest Sense of Relief: The Treatment Plan

Tyler on Red Rocket after 100mi ride

The waiting in the last week has been torturous. Maddening. Actually, I won’t even try to type those emotions out, because there are no words. And that is just from my point of view, to even try to imagine how Tyler has felt in the last few days is beyond my simple human brain. So when the treatment plan was briefly outlined by Tyler’s doctor last night, and I felt like jumping for joy after, and Tyler was stunned and pokerfaced, I will never know how or if our emotions ever intersected.

For those that were not in the room, here is my side of the story: Continue reading

And so it begins


Tash & Ty

Irony is a difficult thing to describe, but I think most people recognize it when they see it.  Let me give an example by way of a story and a recent experience of mine.

The University of Missouri is the oldest land-grant university west of the Mississippi.  The school is proud of its history.   I’m not usually one for big pep rallys and choreographed celebrations, but at Mizzou homecoming is unavoidable.  For the weeks (and months) leading up to homecoming weekend, the campus is a frenzy of activity.  Floats are  constructed, skits rehearsed, songs and dances perfected, hotel rooms reserved, parties planned, community-service projects performed, and blood is donated. Continue reading