Treatment Update: Day 86

Hello, quick update (real reason being I wanted to count how many days it has been), 2B is definitely having a battle in Ty’s body. Although you would never know it by looking at him. He is doing a fantastic job at toughing this one out, because what it says on paper and what I see in front of me are two different things.
What it says on paper is that Ty is super low in all his counts. Hence, the multiple infusions he’s had to have the last several days to ‘rejuice’ his innards. This round definitely has a way of knocking him and keeping him low.
What you can physically see is Tyler fighting strong. Whatever the battle is inside, he is winning. He’s kept the cusp of a fever at bay, and has somehow managed to silence all major side effects with sheer will alone. If I didn’t see his lab reports, I’d never know how weakened he is right now.
Fingers crossed the fevers/infections stay away while Ty rebuilds from here on out. He has spent a lot of the week at the infusion center refueling. Murt Marlene even made a magic bone marrow broth to cure his anemia. But in Tyler’s words, “if I didn’t have to go in to get a blood transfusion, I’d be riding my bike”.

20120307-230953.jpg Each chemo round shows on Ty’s nails like the rings in a tree trunk.