Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from “Team Tyler: the Iowa-based Contingent.”

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I alone, a member of “Team Tyler: the Iowa-based contingent” who goes by Aaron, take full responsibility for the content of this post.  Mind you, I said “responsibility,” not “credit.”  No additional members of “Team Tyler:  the Iowa-based Contingent,” either currently or formerly residing in the state, are individually or collectively responsible for words and/or phrase choices, their likely interpretation by possible readers, effective or less than effective grammatical usage or overall appropriateness of the following post.

You see, this week is Caucus week in Iowa, which, pardon the declaration of the obvious, is quite political.  In reference to said issue of a decidedly political nature, I intend to go no further into political discussions that shall not aid the direct advancement of our greater discussions and purpose on this site.  I will applaud this site, however, for what I believe all will concur to be its overarching, unified bi-partisan message of support, uttered so eloquently in its URL:  “Go Team Tyler!” Continue reading