Treatment Update: Day 50

An anecdote:
   I started training on my bike yesterday for a charity ride I want to do in April. Tyler is my coach/trainer/voice of reason. It was a bit difficult for me to make the decision to train without Ty, my only known riding partner. He convinced me I could do it and he would help me- from home, hospital bed, couch, cancer center, wherever he may be.
  Imagine my surprise when I arrive at Tyler’s place to have lunch with him after my ride, to find him doing crunches on his floor in full spandex… I thought he was going to do a little light workout around his block. You don’t need spandex for that.
  Tyler rode his road bike yesterday (and today), down and back one of San Diego’s most infamous hills… probably longer and harder than I even rode. He shocked my socks off.

Point of story. Don’t underestimate Tyler.
He is in serious Warrior mode. In other words, he’s being Tyler.

And now…
Ty will be admited to the hospital for round 2A tomorrow. He has gained 10 lbs in the last week, 5 lbs in the last 3 days! Liver enzymes are near normal, so its full steam ahead. In the words of Ty’s main nurse Ursula – ‘He is looking real handsome’ 😉 and he is, cheeks full of color, sass in his voice, he is ready for action!