Warm Winter Lunch from KU Med Folks

My friends, Kristina and Brandon shared a lunch this weekend… As K says below, they saved some for me, and it was delicious!

This isn't actually from Brandon and K's lunch, but it's a photo of K and a visual of where they shared the meal 🙂

Turmeric (a major ingredient and color-contributing spice in curry powder) is one of the best-studied spices, to-date, that is cancer-fighting/anti-cancer. Tyler has been eating enough turmeric over the past couple weeks, I think he’s going to taste “cancer” whenever he comes across it in the future.

Here’s a message and their warm, winter lunch creation:

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Knowing What you Need

If you don’t know me well, allow me to introduce you to Tyler’s sister. If you should know one thing about me that shoots straight to the core it’s that I’m an over-analyzer (if that’s a noun). I could over-analyze Mary having a little lamb: why is her fleece so white? Do you think the lamb followed Mary all over the place because she was insecure about something? Should I ask Mary how she feels about all this…? Ugh.

One thing I’ve learned this week is the importance of knowing what you need; something Tyler knows without even trying. Monday, on my long trip home (an unexpected 7 hour delay in Salt Lake City… I know that wasn’t time-wasted, as I directed some Mormon prayers out to San Diego 😉 kidding… I was wondering what I might say to Tyler right before chemo: Should I make a joke? Should I tell him about the overly-eager-to-engage-in-conversation, overwhelming salesman I sat next to on the plane? I know, I’ll tell him about all of the older, frailer people I work with who go through chemotherapy and who are now living vibrant lives! Continue reading

Initial Updates from Leigh

Ty & Leigh

Ty & Leigh at Guy and Elizabeth Perkins’ wedding, summer 2011

This post is long, but I wanted to archive the emails I sent to friends and family about what was going on with Tyler, from the beginning (at least from the beginning of our awareness of the condition).

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good morning,

I wanted to send an email to update on a little life curve ball… It feels kind of strange to tell in an email, but I wanted you to hear it from me.