Treatment Update: Day 50

An anecdote:
   I started training on my bike yesterday for a charity ride I want to do in April. Tyler is my coach/trainer/voice of reason. It was a bit difficult for me to make the decision to train without Ty, my only known riding partner. He convinced me I could do it and he would help me- from home, hospital bed, couch, cancer center, wherever he may be.
  Imagine my surprise when I arrive at Tyler’s place to have lunch with him after my ride, to find him doing crunches on his floor in full spandex… I thought he was going to do a little light workout around his block. You don’t need spandex for that.
  Tyler rode his road bike yesterday (and today), down and back one of San Diego’s most infamous hills… probably longer and harder than I even rode. He shocked my socks off.

Point of story. Don’t underestimate Tyler.
He is in serious Warrior mode. In other words, he’s being Tyler.

And now…
Ty will be admited to the hospital for round 2A tomorrow. He has gained 10 lbs in the last week, 5 lbs in the last 3 days! Liver enzymes are near normal, so its full steam ahead. In the words of Ty’s main nurse Ursula – ‘He is looking real handsome’ 😉 and he is, cheeks full of color, sass in his voice, he is ready for action!

Treatment Update: Day 41

Just a quick update tonight –
Ty was released from the hospital today, as his fever has subsided and his stomach is showing signs of repair. He will have a few days to finally get a good night’s sleep and recover a bit before he will be re-admitted next week to begin his 2A cycle of chemo. He is doing awesome, just really really tired and a sensitive tummy.


Day 36 Update

Tyler is still hanging tough in room 366 of the Thorton Hospital at UCSD. Kristin, the current nurse, summed it up best saying, “You’re the mystery man right now.” The medical team can’t exactly figure out where the infection is coming from, and we’re still waiting for some blood results to return. Tyler continues with spiking fevers, unidentified infection(s), and an upset gut.

In order to calm down his digestive tract, they put him on nutrition administered into his veins. The IV nutrition will allow his digestive tract to settle down, and eventually we will slowly and steadily introduce normal foods. He’s been on the IV nutrition for about 32 hours now, and we’re hoping that it will calm down soon.

Since he did have another fever, they did a CT scan to determine any other potential causes for infection or see anything significant that may have changed.

The doctor rounded yesterday, and we were able to bring to light some of his nutritional deficiencies and imbalances: low vitamin D, low vitamin A (retinol), and high copper (which, in my clinic, we often see in people fighting cancer). The doctor was open to supplementation, as we emphasized that this is a critical period for Tyler to swing his internal environment to inhibit cancer progression. I have a food/nutrition post coming here in the next few days… so I can expand on that later.

Ty remains strong and determined. Thanks for all the love and support.

Lean into It

I’ve been thinking about drafting this post for a while now. Today seemed to be the most appropriate day for several reasons… I love lists 🙂

#1 I love Tyler and I know his love for sports, athletics, and general butt-kicking. #2 Tyler is in serious battle mode. He needs a pump-up/half-time talk, like whoa. His meals have become his workouts. I can see it on his face: he leans forward, grabs his fork or smoothie or whatever and demolishes the meal/snack because he knows he has to (to him, it all tastes like cardboard). #3 I love the #33. Today is treatment day 33 (or yesterday was), and I feel good about this.  #4 I adore analogies. #5 Motivating/inspiring people is fascinating. Tyler has an incredible ability to do this, and I’m a sucker for anything related to leadership (anything cheesy and motivational… e.g. the Covey family inspires me without even being annoying…(?!) that’s the level I’m talking about). #6 I went on a great interval run today, and I’m on a runners high… here goes… Continue reading

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from “Team Tyler: the Iowa-based Contingent.”

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I alone, a member of “Team Tyler: the Iowa-based contingent” who goes by Aaron, take full responsibility for the content of this post.  Mind you, I said “responsibility,” not “credit.”  No additional members of “Team Tyler:  the Iowa-based Contingent,” either currently or formerly residing in the state, are individually or collectively responsible for words and/or phrase choices, their likely interpretation by possible readers, effective or less than effective grammatical usage or overall appropriateness of the following post.

You see, this week is Caucus week in Iowa, which, pardon the declaration of the obvious, is quite political.  In reference to said issue of a decidedly political nature, I intend to go no further into political discussions that shall not aid the direct advancement of our greater discussions and purpose on this site.  I will applaud this site, however, for what I believe all will concur to be its overarching, unified bi-partisan message of support, uttered so eloquently in its URL:  “Go Team Tyler!” Continue reading

Moose Turd Pie

Since it’s only the 3rd day of Christmas, I thought we’d continue the ‘holiday cheer’…

Dick Railsback is a living legend for many reasons: world record-holding pole vaulter, Swedish chef,story teller… some might say he’s the ‘master of the groaner’ – I say that in the MOST ENDEARING way.

The ‘Moose Turd Pie’ story is told annually, generally after we’ve finished our 3rd plate of food and before the Akvavit toast (“skol”) at Swedish Christmas dinner… and it’s always per the suggestion of our favorite, T-Wags.

Dick contributed his written version of this infamous story:

Hi Wagners……..Sure do miss you.  We are expecting you all to join us for Christmas Dinner next year!!!!  We miss you all so much.

I hope a few pictures make you feel in our hearts………and of course I had to tell one story for Tyler….attached!

Continue reading

Treatment Update: Day 7

Hello Team,
Since there is notice of a lull in updates, I thought I would take a second to let you all know that Tyler is now temporarily at home. He will receive all his treatments for December in the outpatient Moores Cancer Center, starting today. I think I can speak for Tyler, Marlene, and myself, when I say fatigue had definitely set in. The hospital life does not allow for much sleep. That is the plus in being released to go home for now, a chance at rest. The negative is that Tyler’s cell counts are expected to drop significantly in the next few days. He will have to take his temperature frequently and go back to the hospital if it rises. The chemo is also compounding Tyler’s fatigue. I imagine even if he is able to sleep, he is not getting relief right now as those cancer (and good) cells are dying out and draining him. His immune system is now at the bottom, so germs are to be avoided at all costs for the next week or so.

Team CHIP for Team Tyler!



I had a nice visit with some of my friends and co-workers from CHIP today ( They wanted me to know that they love me me and are fighting alongside me. I missed the company holiday party last night, but they were kind enough to drink a toast in my honor, make the killer get-well banner, and completely spoiled me with an amazon Kindle for christmas. THANKS TEAM CHIP!