Treatment Update: Day 168

Results are in from the Bronchoscopy of last Thursday. Besides the pseudomonas bacteria that we already knew about, there is nothing else showing up from Tyler’s lungs.

Although the test results are good news, Ty is still in a rough spot. He said this is harder than he could have ever imagined. The pneumonia has left cavities in his lungs and he is so congested that he can barely sit up out of bed. He is on oxygen, either with a nasal canula or an over the mouth mask. Walking five feet to the bathroom is a big challenge. The docs think this case of pneumonia will take months, not weeks, to recover from.

Besides the challenges, Tyler is making steady improvements daily. The fevers are decreasing in temperature and frequency. Although they did not detect a fungus, he is on a general anti-fungal, which they are still deciding how long he should be taking without a known infection. Right now Ty’s focus is on trying to regain breathing strength so he can come off oxygen.

Treatment Update: Day 163

Ty had the bronchoscopy under general anesthesia today at 10:30 am. The procedure was deemed a success, as the pulmonologist was able to obtain 4 biopsy samples and a wash sample of the lung. However, the procedure caused a stir-up in the lungs, releasing bacteria and sending Ty into fever. This was to be expected, as the body responds to the sudden surge of bacteria, possibly into the bloodstream. Hopefully, as this stirred-up bacteria gets hit with antibiotic, the fever and rigors will subside. We will find out results of the bronchoscopy in a couple days.

Treatment Update: Day 162

Thanks to everyone for their love and support.
Tyler’s fevers have subsided for over 24 hours now. This is a good sign that the most recent antibiotics are kicking in. He is scheduled for a bronchoscopy tomorrow at 10 am, which we hope will rule out the possibility of additional infection in his lungs. He is out of quarantine and was able to go for a walk outside today. Overall, his symptoms seem to be improving steadily.

Treatment Update 160

Tyler spiked a fever early this morning, and he’s now back in 3 West at the UCSD Hospital. After an x-ray this morning, they determined the pneumonia has worsened in his right lung. His medical team says it’s likely that the pseudomonas (the pneumonia bug) is resistant to the antibiotics, so they are switching him to an antibiotic that can be inhaled; the idea being that it will directly target the lung tissue. Apparently, this isn’t something new to the team, and there are other medications that can be used.

I’m glad that both our parents are out there with Tyler… Tasha continues to amaze me with her grace, love and uplifting spirit.

As always, positive thoughts, prayers, energy, and uplifting messages are warmly welcomed.

Love from Kansas City,


Treatment Update: Day 154

Tyler has left the hospital. Let the healing resume. Complications were determined to be from combination of lung damage from severe pneumonia and low platelet levels from being knocked so low from last chemo. Next chemo start is tbd. He is feeling better every day and gaining strength.

Treatment Update: Day 152

Ty had to go to the ER last night after coughing up blood and running a low grade fever. He had just received a blood transfusion and might have had a slight reaction to the blood. This, in combination with declining platelet levels may be the cause. He received platelets in the ER early this morning and was transferred to the cancer ward to receive more blood and undergo further testing to eliminate the sources of other complications. Let’s cross our fingers for a Very short hospital rendezvous

Treatment Update: Day 147

After a very rough weekend, Tyler has woken up this morning to come out of his foggy state. This is a huge relief and I cannot help but feel like this is the start of the upswing. His white count is up, hasn’t had a fever in days, and bilirubin, after spiking again yesterday, has come down slightly today.
Tyler had an array of visitors this past weekend, from his SD ‘aunts’ and Persian family, to his roomie Bones and Tao. All were a great uplift and spark for healing.
This has been a very physically painful last two weeks for Ty and I hope he gets some relief from the constant discomfort. Pneumonia is still haunting him and he thinks the bronchoscope stirred up havoc in his chest. It is still difficult to breath and he is on and off oxygen as needed.
Thank you all for the positive energy. Let’s now focus on getting him out of the hospital!

Ty a few days ago in Team Tyler colors

Quick Update

Just wanted to keep everyone up to speed.
I’m still battling persistent, recurring fevers, which tells us that the infection hasn’t cleared yet. My breathing has been easier the past few days, and I’ve lost a lot of the fluid that I was retaining in my feet and ankles. We could really use some white cells to help fight, but unfortunately we haven’t seen any significant movement there yet–it can be a slow process.

Thanks for your continued love and support,

The Waiting Game

Greetings to the whole Team Tyler Family,

Why beat around the bush? I’m just gonna come out and say it: I am feeling noticeably better today. My breathing has become easier, chest tightness seems to have decreased, and I’m actually coughing some of this nasty stuff out of my body! I’ve still got some pain around my right ribcage, and an acute pain on my side at the base of my ribs when I cough. My headaches seem to have calmed a bit, so that’s encouraging.

Okley showing his support for Team Tyler. Asked for comment he said "We're starting a four-legged revolution for Tyler." With dogs already joining the movement in Colorado, Nebraska, and New York, he just might be right.

My White Cell Count has improved from an undetectable level of <;0.1 to 0.1. Although it may not seem like much, this is great news. It means my body is slowly beginning to produce infection fighting cells.

So basically we're playing the waiting game–waiting for the combination of antibiotics, anti-virals and my own (weakened but recovering) immune system to knock these bugs out of my body.

Next goal is to stop the fever. While my "fever curves" have been improving my body temperature still hasn't normalized–again, something which we would expect to see as my white count grows. The "bad news" if any, is that I'm battling three significant bugs at the same time, and it's just probably not going to be something that turns around completely overnight. Patience, then, is the lesson of they day, I suppose.

Leigh arrives this afternoon for a long weekend, so I'm excited to see her. Will keep you updated as the healing continues! Thank you for your ongoing thoughts and prayers–they give me and my family so much strength.

Lots of love,

A Daddy Wags-approved update

I realize that there are other “Daddy Wags” out there reading, but I’m referring to my dad, Jimbo “Daddy Wags” Wagner. He prefers things short, sweet (this term being used loosely) and to-the-point…

I was reminded this week that silence on the GoTeamTyler blogosphere leaves one to wonder if Tyler is doing ok or not… often leading one to the “worst-case-scenario” if you don’t have direct contact with the Moshirians or the Wagners. Thus, I thought a concise, bulleted (Jim Wagner-style) update would be appropriate. (The comments in parens are added Leigh-esque touches… I can’t resist):

  • Tyler and Natasha rode 70 miles yesterday. (seriously?! yes, seriously. Tasha is getting ready for a century ride to raise money for Diabetes & Lymphoma research)
  • Ty is in between A and B cycles. (He’ll start his “B-sandwich” next week… he has 2 B’s and 1 A cycle yet to go).
  • Per Ty, Tuesday was one of the best days he’s felt since starting treatment (WooHoo!)
  • Ty and Tasha will spend Easter with Tasha’s family out in SD. (My parents and I are back in “The Good Life” (Nebraska) for the holiday).
  • Murt (my mother) will head out to SD for his next round on Monday.

My dad would think anything over 5 bullet points is overkill… 😉

Happy Easter, all! Lots of love,